Monday, April 21, 2014

Progress With Eggs

For about 17 days now my hen "Iron Chick" has been laying on about 13 eggs. The other hens I have been trying to give her more eggs but I put an X on each of them so I know which eggs were new ones and I could take them in and eat them for breakfast, lunch or supper. There aren't many eggs yet but every little bit helps.

today I went out to check on the chickens and eggs and when I looked in to see the eggs I saw that one of them had been poked open so I gently left that one out and I brought it inside put it by my space heater and then I told my friend about it. The chicken lady told me that I should get my heat lamp out and put it under the heat lamp and that I could hatch it that way. Now we have it safely tucked into a bucket on a bed of hay.

We will see what happens in around 4 days.

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