Friday, April 11, 2014

Chickens Are Laying Again

For about two months the hens have not been laying. It seems that when their rooster was taken to the country to live they quit laying all together. We still have a banty rooster but the hens have put him in his place he hardly ever crows.  We also have a cockerel that, as far as I know, doesn't mess with the girls yet.

Then about a month ago Iron Chick became broody over a golf ball. We tried bringing eggs from my friends house several times and they ended up either rejected or eaten. At last, my friend told me that it could be that they need a rooster since they got used to having one.

We borrowed a rooster from her and had him for about two or three days and then three of our chickens came up sick so I separated them into a dog cage and took her rooster back home. When I went back to help at my friend's farm while she was gone I took another egg back to Iron Chick and this time it took! She is now sitting and has even laid eggs to go with the one she got from me. The other chickens are coming along as well. So now three out of about 14 hens are laying again.

Today I took one of the eggs that I got yesterday and put it into another laying box and viola another egg was laid beside it. I love they experiments that work.

Has anything like this ever happened with you?

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