Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Journey With Diatomaceous Earth

Yesterday my shipment of Diatomaceous Earth came in. I was so excited to take it and find out what it will do for me. It reminds me of making mud pies when I was a child and trying to eat them. Although this is much easier to stomach.

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The first thing I did was to put some into a Tupperware that I had by scooping it out with a measuring cup so that it would blow up into the air from pouring it out. Its not good to breath it in just like any other powder on the market warns.

Also you should not take just any Diatomaceous Earth. It needs to be Food Grade Fresh Water and filtered for human consumption. Never take pool grade or any other one that is not food grade safe because they are mixed with harmful chemicals.

I took a heaping teaspoon in a tea glass full of water and kept stirring while I drank it. Like I had heard and read in my research about it, it tasted mostly like water but a like like chalk. It wasn't hard to take at all at that dosage. I woke up this morning and took some more at the same amount.

The blog at The Prairie Homestead tells about many of the benefits of D.E. and if you are interested in learning more about it you should read her article and check out the information I have gathered from on my playlist. There is a lot of information out there. For a lean budget this is one of the least expensive natural products available and can be used for eliminating bugs on dogs to loosing weight in humans.

Here are some of the uses that I know about so far although I will probably forget some:
(these are not backed by the FDA)

bug killer (ants, roaches,fleas,lice,termites anything with exoskeletons)
organs in general
parasites (eliminator)
loosing weight

I plan to report back regularly about my progress or lack thereof. If you are taking this product and have anything to share we would love to hear from you in a comment.

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