Friday, January 10, 2014

Stove Covers and New Spaces!

Stove Covers

I am famous for dropping things into the stove burners because I grew up with a flat stove top. I love to prepare things right under the vent hood light because it is brighter there and maybe just out of habit.

 Lately I have been having more determination and a little bit more energy, which could be contributed to taking magnesium morning and night. Who knows it could just be because I have more hope of a clean house now that we finally got the dogs out of the house permanently. Yeah!

To stop the battle with small fires and fire alarms I decided to clean up the stove top real good and then place my pot lids on the top to keep out all of the stuff and keep the clutter out of the pots and pans cabinet. Yes I know you can buy these at the store but I never have and I thought this would be better really. We will see.

New Spaces!

Now that the dogs are out of the back room at night there are new plans for that room. One of them is turning it into a larger laundry room. That is going to take my husband some time to get it all done, with his work schedule and all but it will be nice when it is finished.

With another small portion of that room I have made an extra room for the kids. I think it is nice for the kids to be able to have their own personal space every now and then. Three times a week one child with get to call that room their very own from 5pm till breakfast then they have to leave it like they found it. They also get to choose a servant for that night until bed time. There are a few video games in there and some educational hand held games, a lamp for reading, Paper for drawing or writing and a side table that doubles as an ironing board.

We named their motel the Labrador Inn. So far it has been a hit and the zildren are having a great time using it.

So named because we have pictures of Labradors on the wall.

This is when the recliner was made up for a girl. Don't worry it looks different all together
when it is made for the boys. 
I would like some comments from other large families about what they do to give some of their children the space they need. I know there are other creative minds out there. So if you know someone who has a large family pass this blog on to them and I will have fun reading the comments. Thanks!

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