Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Clean Up Games!

The other day I needed to motivate some of my children to clean with gladness in their heart so I decided to throw in some fun games. Here is what we came up with:

1.Horse Pickup! 

{Partner Game}

Pick up all you can and place it on the back of your partner. If you have an uneven amount of children like myself; you can have one team with three. The winner is the one with the tallest stack on the back! Oooo I rhymed.

2. Stuff the Shirt or Santa Belly 

Shove as many things as you can under your shirt. The person with the most wins a high five or whatever you have to offer.

3. Balance it on the Head

Balance as many things as you can on your head.

Best at balancing the most wins!

4. Musical Clean-up

You have to have nothing in your hand when the music stops and if you do then you go to the hall or another room and pick up things there. When the music stops again then if you have anything in your hand you are back in the game. We played this boys room against girls room. You could do it what ever works best for your group. The ones who have the clean room first win!

Let me know if you try some of our games and how they work for your family.

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