Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tips For Obedient Children

Lately our Pastor has been teaching on "Child Rearing" and doing a very spectacular job of it! Not many pastors these days are delving into just what it takes to train up a child and parents are becoming either lopsided in their raising or not doing much of anything. The lopsided ones are upset and frustrated and the other kind just don't care as long as their child "appears" happy.

Pastor set out some basic rules to disciplining children and encouraged us to set down and find ways to incorporate those rules as well as add some other good things to them if we wanted to. Here is what I came up with for our family.


1. Call the child to you. (gain a smile, a good

 way to do that is smile at them.)

2. Look them in the eyes to gain their 


3. Give them the instruction.

4. Ask them to repeat the instruction to you.

ex. Johnny, what did I ask you to do?

They should then say: Yes Ma'am or Sir and

 walk (or trot) quickly to obey!


(reasons for spanking are direct disobedience

 and deception.)

5. If they do not obey right away then send them to the spanking

area and spend some time in prayer before you administer the

 corrective measure.

6. Ask the child what is was he did not do or did wrong.

7. Administer the corrective measure.

8. Bring up a Bible verse to hide in the child's heart!

9. Spend some time loving on your child. Hugs and kisses and

 expressing your heart to them about how you would like to see 
them in a pleasant future with word pictures. ex. Susie, I look 
forward to the day when you are obeying because you want to 
obey Jesus and your Momma and Daddy because they love you
 and want the best for you.

I decided to write mine out so that I would remember to go by them and not revert to my old way or just discipline in anger. Because of my health condition I often forget. We should never discipline in anger but rather with a broken heart for our children. If we remember this our children will remember their childhood more fondly and learn from their disobedience and falsehoods. If this has helped you I would love to hear about it in the comment section.

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