Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Survival Doll of Your Own

A friend of mine showed me a blog called Stuff You Can't with a Survival Doll on it and I was really interested! Who wouldn't want to have one? They are so handy to have if you or your child is lost or is in a disaster of some kind and needs help. I wanted to make some for my children; all 7 of them. 

What could you Do With The Survival Doll?

  • Children could carry them when they are playing in the woods behind the house.
  • Children could take them on vacations.
  • You could make one just for your car.
  • Make one just for your home as a focal point. 
  • You could give them as gifts. The Holidays are upon us!
  • If you are a Christian it may be a good way to get the gospel out. Spread the good news
  • Beginner's Sewing Project
  • Home School project

So this is what I have done for all of us who want to have on or more of these dolls. I have created a amazon store with our particular needs in mind. (ok maybe really strong wants) We will make a small percentage from each purchase. All prices in the store are the same as on amazon.
Feeding Nine On a Dime E-store

What's In It?

  • Doll Kits of all kinds:easy to make (panel dolls), already made and intermediate level skills.
  • Doll Body section for just the bodies some with stuffing and some without.
  • Doll accessories. and doll clothes.
  • Survival Kits 
How to make a Survival Doll:

  1. Make a simple cloth doll, buy one already made or take one from your child's doll stash. 

2. Cut a hole in the back of your doll body and remove some of the back stuffing. Another option, if you have a doll body without the stuffing, is to leave it unstuffed and fill it with your survival kit and if you have an empty body you can also fill the legs with rice, beans or lentils but you need to put those in a zip lock just in case your doll gets wet. Someone might even want to purchase their doll from the thrift store or grocery store. Just look for one with a cloth stomach.

3.  Then add some velcro or a zipper or even hook and eyes or snaps and you can close the doll up. If you don't mind having to put your doll back together with needle and thread after you use your survival kit them you can just sew it back together.

4. After that you can draw on your face if you have cloth, add the hair then dress your doll and you have a finished Survival Doll. 

If you make one or more of these dolls please let me know. You can take a picture of yours and share it with me on my facebook page or in the comments. 

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How To Get Cleaner Dishes With Your Dishwasher

A while back I was really concerned about my nice dishwasher not getting the dishes as clean as they should be getting so I did some researching. If you have a water softener in your house like I do there are some important little tips you need to know.

1. Don't give your dishwasher very much detergent! I have dumped some cheap detergent into a little upcycled plastic and added a baby spoon for measuring. You need about two heaping baby spoons in the main wash side and another one heaping spoon for the other side. That's all no more! If you use more and fill your soap dispensers up your dishes won't get clean.

2. Use some blue juice in your machine! Purchase an inexpensive rinsing agent and keep it full according to the manual. This will keep things shiny and clean as well.

Follow these two simple rules and see if you notice a difference. There will be a lot less rinsing ahead of time. Happy Dishwashing!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tips For Obedient Children

Lately our Pastor has been teaching on "Child Rearing" and doing a very spectacular job of it! Not many pastors these days are delving into just what it takes to train up a child and parents are becoming either lopsided in their raising or not doing much of anything. The lopsided ones are upset and frustrated and the other kind just don't care as long as their child "appears" happy.

Pastor set out some basic rules to disciplining children and encouraged us to set down and find ways to incorporate those rules as well as add some other good things to them if we wanted to. Here is what I came up with for our family.


1. Call the child to you. (gain a smile, a good

 way to do that is smile at them.)

2. Look them in the eyes to gain their 


3. Give them the instruction.

4. Ask them to repeat the instruction to you.

ex. Johnny, what did I ask you to do?

They should then say: Yes Ma'am or Sir and

 walk (or trot) quickly to obey!


(reasons for spanking are direct disobedience

 and deception.)

5. If they do not obey right away then send them to the spanking

area and spend some time in prayer before you administer the

 corrective measure.

6. Ask the child what is was he did not do or did wrong.

7. Administer the corrective measure.

8. Bring up a Bible verse to hide in the child's heart!

9. Spend some time loving on your child. Hugs and kisses and

 expressing your heart to them about how you would like to see 
them in a pleasant future with word pictures. ex. Susie, I look 
forward to the day when you are obeying because you want to 
obey Jesus and your Momma and Daddy because they love you
 and want the best for you.

I decided to write mine out so that I would remember to go by them and not revert to my old way or just discipline in anger. Because of my health condition I often forget. We should never discipline in anger but rather with a broken heart for our children. If we remember this our children will remember their childhood more fondly and learn from their disobedience and falsehoods. If this has helped you I would love to hear about it in the comment section.

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