Friday, August 22, 2014

What I Have Learned About Couponing

I have always wanted to REALLY do couponing and save some money. The thing is, in the past I would clip a few coupons that would be good and then forget them at home or not get them out at the register. That all changed one day when I commented on a face book friend of mine's post, Mrs. Grice. I really didn't think that I could ever learn this art but GOD knew that I could! He sent me this particular lady because she is godly and because she likes to help people learn how to coupon. She sent me a video link on couponing for beginners she had made at church a few years back. She also put me on to her face book group. This did not teach me everything but it got my juices flowing.

I spent hours on the computer watching that show about couponing and that showed me a few things. Then, I decided to step it up and Mrs. Grice suggested that I watch a lot of youtube videos from the Krazy Coupon Lady and I found another set of videos that I liked from Southern Savers. During all of this, I was sick, so this was about all I could do anyway. I watched, listened and took notes. This was a homeschooling course for our family!

Below are some key things that I have learned:

* Have a coupon binder with baseball card holders or whatever you can find cheap to start with then add the baseball card holders as you go.

* Buy more than one set of dividers. I bought 4 or 5 sets of 5. (I think you can also buy special couponers binders.) I just bought a large note book and keep it in my bag so I won't loose any coupons out. Its cheaper than buying the large one with a zipper. (I like mine because it has a lever that opens it on one side with one little push and it closes the same way.)

* Another way to store your coupons is by file box. This works good if you have several inserts and don't want to cut them till you need them.

* Find a way to get some Sunday papers (the big ones) either buy them outright or ask around or both.

* There are sales on about everything in the store every six to 8 weeks.

* Figure up how much you will need for that amount of time on an item and then try to buy that much at a time.

* Decide how and who you would like to bless with any extra you will accumulate.

* The everything is a dollar store is a good place to get freebies with coupons.

* There are apps for your phone that act as coupons and give you money on a gift card or in your pay pal account. Then there are apps with weekly ads for your favorite stores and apps that will allow you to go shopping with a detailed list. There is even an app for Walmart that will price match for you called Saving Catcher listed below. Some will tell you the sales and the coupons you need to make it all a little easier on you. Although it does still take some time to get everything together.

They are: IbottaCheckout 51, and Savings Star, favado,Savings Catcher,Randals,H.E.B., Shopmium,
Receipt Hog 

* There are also apps that will help you see your weekly adds from your grocery store or pharmacy of choice. ie. Walgreens, Randals and H. E. B.

* has coupons and you can earn swagbucks from printing and using coupons from thier site. That translates into gift cards for places like so that's a win win situation.  It's free to sign up for swagbucks and you can start saving up your swag bucks for a birthday or Christmas.

* Always check the coupon policies before you make your shopping plan.

* You will only be shopping for the items that your family will need every 6 to 8 weeks but at first you will need to take into consideration staples that you have to have every week until they go onsale. Just get one of those until the sale comes for them.

* Have a storage place for your stock pile either an extra room or under beds or in closets or above cabinets.

* If you have a large family and a small budget you will have to do this gradually so as not to break your budget. Maybe cook a pot of beans to fill in the gaps.

* Look for buy one get something or a a lot of things for free.

* Match coupons with sales.

I am still learning this and have not been going to six weeks yet to see how things will improve for our family but I see some things are better already.

If you have more suggestions to add to my list please comment and let me know.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Chicken Nuggets For 9 to 11 People

My kids are always asking me when I am going to make them some fried chicken so I bit the bullet and tried something I have been scared to do for a long time. Why you may ask? Well, that is because when I was newly married I ruined some chicken and I NEVER wanted to do that again! The problem was, I didn't know a lot about it back then. Plus you tube wasn't around. You gotta have that!

The kids went to the store and bought me two large bags of chicken breasts. So I used one bag to try one recipe and I used another bag another day.They were both really good so I will share both of them eventually.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets:

2 cups of all purpose flour
4 teaspoons of fresh minced garlic
4 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Pepper
8 boneless skinless chicken breast cut into one inch or so pieces
2 to 4 cups of prepared plain breadcrumbs
4 large eggs from them there chickens (just kiddin)
4 tbs. water
1 cup of vegetable oil
large fry pan


1. Dust your cut chicken in the flour, salt, pepper and garlic mixture.
2. Grab another pan and whisk together the 4 eggs and 4 tbs. of water then set your chicken pieces into that.
3. From there take out a third pan and pour your can of bread crumbs out into that. Take your nuggets out of your egg mixture and place them into the bread crumb mixture and press firmly. That really helps it to "stay put" as we say in the south.
4. Put all of your chicken onto a plate or tray and heat up your oil to medium heat. Make sure it is up to temp by dropping a small chunk of chicken in there. If it bubbles up it is ready if not it needs to set a little longer.
5. Fry your nuggets about 6 minutes on each side or until good n brown on one side and then flip to brown it on the other side. Serve them up with some dipping sauce and enjoy. (We used ranch this time)

Today I shared this recipe at:

Friday, August 1, 2014

Can Room Temperature Eggs Hatch?

This is how it works for all you out there who never knew like myself.

The hen collects the fertile ( you must have a rooster for this or buy some eggs) eggs or the farmer. When the hen gets as many as it wants then she begins to sit on those eggs full time adjusting the temperature so that they stay nice and warm. This does not mean that if the hen gets off of the eggs for a long period of time after she has begun sitting they can still be hatched.  No, after multiple hours with no hen during this time the hen can not resume sitting if the eggs are cold.But, if an egg has never been sat upon for gestation then that said egg can be stored up to 7 days for as low as 60 degrees F. but after this the hatching rate decreases by half.

Also, they should be stored with the pointy side down so that you preserve the air sack. After I learned this I knew that I could try to let our black banty hen hatch one more egg. All of the other eggs were not viable for one reason or another. Since the other hen, "Rebels" has a chick now, "Crow" really wants her chick too.

Rebels and Pokey

Crow insisting to be let in.

Crow taking a nice dust bath.

Here she goes again!

What do you think? Did I do the right thing by putting Crow back into the little grow out coop for         another try?

To see more of our new chick check out our face book page.

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