Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why The Rooster Wasn't Acting Like A Rooster

If you have been following our blog you know that we have a rooster that was not crowing or mating.

We have since learned what the reason for his lack of manliness was from for sure.

When we got our new rooster, Gargantuan, he taught our Girls (the hens) that they were no longer in charge in the yard. Our smaller rooster, Little Peep, was never assertive and very cuddly. He had learned from the hens that his place was calm and submissive; never rooster like.

As our new rooster began to take controle with little pecks here and there the hens started learning their place and our smaller rooster began to feel comfortable mating.

So far we have only seen him with the banty hens but that is definitely a good start. The big rooster doesn't have any problems with him thus far.

That's him in the middle. That string is
an old c.d. for them to play with.
Now one our surma, banty wellsomers are broody. Maybe we will have some cute little chicks in a few weeks. The saga continues!

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