Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sweet Smelling Fresh Mint Wreath!

    Recently I was inspired by another bloggers post about making an herbal wreath to repel flies in the coop. I don't have any herbs accept a patch of mint so I made mine with mint alone.  I have been spreading mint for a while because I love the way it smells as apposed to a stinky coop, but I thought this would be really classy and stay around a while.

I made mine by shaping a wire hanger into an egg shape and then winding the strands of mint around an tucking them in. Fresh Eggs Daily used a different method that works just as well or better. I just didn't have the supplies she had and knew that I would never go out and buy them.

To see what she did check this out! Fly Repelling Fresh Herb Wreath for your Chicken Coop

Here are the pictures from my project. Let me know if you try this out and how you end up making yours. Be creative!

Our pet baby dove landed right on the wreath when I was making it.
Great job Lady Bird! 
Nora what a great helper!

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