Friday, July 25, 2014

How To Make A Cheap Candler

It's Alive!

I wanted to check to see if any of my chicken eggs were going to hatch so I took my cel phone and saw a little but not enough to tell much. Then I asked my husband if he had a led flash light because I didn't want to kill the chicks with too much heat.

He did have one that he uses for work. We tried that but it still didn't work well.  Then I found out there was a way to make it work even better. I cut a piece of black construction paper and I wrapped it around twice and secured it to the flashlight with a hair band. Then I tried it out with a egg in the fridge and it worked. Yeah!

So far I have found at least one egg that is showing movement. It didn't work as well as a professional candler but it does work. Next on my list; to save up for a real one. Below are some great videos for you to see how this works and what is going on inside the egg.

Update: There are 6 total that are good, 3 for each Mother hen.

How to make a candler video.
Development of the chick in the egg. Video 1
Development of the chick. Video 2

Here is another way to candle without a flashlight when you think your eggs are overdue.

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