Tuesday, July 29, 2014

All Day Clean Water for Chickens

   Chickens are not naturally clean animals. Maybe they are a little more clean when they are free range I couldn't tell you but when they are in a run and coop full time then they tend to become pretty "piggy." I wanted to keep their water clean and maybe be able to fill a container and have it last all day long while I am busy taking care of the "zildren" or going somewhere for the day. I searched online and found a great system just for this.

   I did have to make a step up to the water feeder for the banties with a porcelain water bowl.  I keep that filled at times when it is extra hot outside.

Steps to make your own clean water feeder:

1. Drill 5 holes in the bottom of a 5 gallon water bucket. (the size of drill bit is included with the purchase of nipples.

2. Keep the lid it really helps to keep the junk out of the water and the nipples down't get clogged and leak. (been there done that)

3. Screw in the nipples.

4. Mount in your coop run or if you are free ranging it then under a shade tree would be nice. Just make sure that it is about as tall as your chickens.

5. Fill with water and cover OR make a whole and cap it like this person did so that you can put the water hose in without taking off the entire lid.

 6. We still haven't found a lid yet but I found a lid in my                                                                            Tupperware that worked pretty good. Eventually I want to move                                                              up to the lid within the lid one.


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