Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Little About Dust Bathing

I took out a new batch of Feed Grade, Diatomacous Earth and poured it into the tire bath. I waited for a few minutes and imediately there was interest again.

This is not a large tire. It is the size for a compact car. Three chickens wiggled their way down into the tire, with their heads mostly tucked into the hollow of the tire.

How many chickens does it take to take a bath? 4, 3 to do the bathing and one to pluck their feathers.

If Gargantuan Rooster decides he wants in on the action I'm sure things will change.

Chickens really like dust bathing. It is a time they spend bonding with friends and the dust keeps the bugs from getting in their feathers.

I like it because its fun to watch my silly chickens and relax.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Refrigerator Transformation

Today Zoi and I went to the dollar stores to find something to dress up our raggedy refrigerator with. I wanted to find some vinyl place mats to put in it because that would be cute and easy to clean.

Unfortunately, there were no suitable vinyl place mats so I went with a plastic shower curtain instead and duct taped it in. I think it did the trick nicely. Its my favorite color and makes me happy when I look into my refrigerator.

What do you think? Are the creative juices flowing?


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Finding Just the Right Rooster

My friend that raises chickens found me a free rooster at a garage sale. He is the biggest chicken I've ever scene. I loved him from the first but he was and still is a bit intimidating if I think about it too hard.

He was pretty congested and making a little rattle noise sometimes when he breathed. Quickly I made plans to keep a good eye on him and feed him garlic, put diatomacous earth (D.E.) in his water. He even got some yogurt as well to kill out any bad bacteria.

That night my husband and I inspected him closer and found he had a really bad case of mites and fleas were attached to his eyebrows, comb and all over his head.  I did some research and found out that puppy or kitten flea spray would take care of that.  After about a week we were able to put him into the coop at night.

I was happy to see that the next day he was taking care of training his flock to know that he was the new boss. He is a great leader and doesn't chase the hens like our black rooster did. He has only crowed once a little bit until this morning. He let out two nice medium sized crows. This is nice because we live in town.

We prayed for just the right rooster for our flock and that's just what the Lord gave us. He's quite a beauty too. Head and shoulders above the rest.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Integrating Hen and Chicks

I've been wanting to get the Black Hen and her chicks; Larry, Curly and Bow (rainbow that is) out and decided that maybe since they have grown some that they could handle it. Its been a few weeks since they were born and I was't positive how they would do but felt led to try them out.

I opened up the little coop door and proped it back and Mama hen gladly came out to have a walk and check out the feeding ground.

I watched the chicks and they were a bit scared to join the great big world of fending for themselves.

Larry was the brave one.
Black Hen had a bit of a fight with White Hen and I had to put a little no pecking salve on her. After that though everything was back to normal so I went back in the house and came back later and all the chicks were out.

One of the chicks got stepped
on but there were no injuries.
My chicks are still very small but they are mixed with a banty (or bantum and some say) breed. (frizzles)

Its been fun to see them out and about and they also got their feathers dusted with D.E. just like everyone else to kill their mites.

Last night I noticed that Mom takes them back to the little coop to sleep at night. I thought it wss so sweet. God is awesome and shows that to us through the instincs of our animals.

Mom and chicks snug as a bug.
Update: The chicks weren't as safe as I thought. One has survived and is doing really good. One got accidentally stepped on by a visitor and another got killed by a predator when he stuck his head through the chicken wire.

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