Wednesday, May 28, 2014

No eggs? Rooster not crowing? You might have mites!

After praying and praying and trying to find out why my Rooter wasn't crowing or manly in his ways God sent answers. By God's grace we finally found out why the hens weren't laying. I picked up one hen and found a few mites so I decided to pick up the rooster to see what he was like and he was just covered in them. So I decided to get my nose syringe out from the baby years and filled it with D.E. and said a prayer as I covered his body in dust and the other chickens as well.

 I checked him after this and there were still some on him although for the others the one treatment was good. I took him in then and made a garlic shampoo by mincing about 5 cloves of garlic and adding them to a container of cheap shampoo.

I took him in the bathroom and covered him in shampoo and let him soak up the nice warm water and the garlic to soak into him as well.

I felt so bad for him. I gently rinsed him and took him out on the back porch and went through all his feathers and killed any remaining bugs.

I put D.E. everywhere in the coop boards, cracks, corners, etc. And some in the little coop for Moma hen and chicks.

Then I made an old tire dust bath with ash and D.E. I will probably do this again in a couple of weeks to make sure there are no hatching eggs.


Since this time my hens have picked up from one egg to 4 and 5. Hopefully with time
our Rooster will grow into his manhood and do his thing.

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