Thursday, March 20, 2014

Update: Iron Chick Rejects the Eggs

My friend brought us the 4 new eggs to church last night but unfortunately Iron Chick didn't like being disturbed during the night and taken from her warm place in the big coop and put into the little coop and given new eggs. We found her this morning with all four eggs rolled out of the nest and cold as a frog. Then later we found her back in the other coop on her golf ball again. I think she prefers them over real eggs.

This was very upsetting to say the least but God has his plan and things will be just fine today around the house because we know that our heavenly father is looking down on us with care. Maybe one day soon Iron chick will make her own eggs and raise her own family. Time will tell.

Meanwhile today is my oldest son Zach's 13th birthday and we are having a great day despite the problems in the coop.

I don't know why the camera read 19 when it is the 20th. Happy Birthday!

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