Monday, February 3, 2014

Upcycled Hen Box Curtains!

I was looking at chicken pictures as I often like to do and stumbled upon the idea of hen box curtains. I also found out that they are not just a cute detail but actually aid the hens to make eggs and also to go broody. It seems that the darkness is what the chickens are looking for. We have been needing some new chickens and so I am all for this experiment.

With wooden hen boxes it is very simple to do. Just hem the edges of your desired fabric and staple in or if you want to wash and reuse the curtains then you would want to put up a curtain rod. For our hen house we do not have metal or wooden hen boxes we have plastic bucket boxes.

For the curtains I used an old stained dress that my girls had and reused the lower portion to form a curtain of sorts. Then I hot glued my creation in place and used the sash that was on the dress to tie the curtain back to be a little cute. Of course I am not the best seamstress but it is for chickens so I am not that concerned about perfection.

I think an added plus this time of year may be the heat factor. A little curtain should keep out some wind for my girls. Which makes me feel good. Do you have chicken curtains or have you ever thought about it?

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