Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oatmeal Bear Claws - A Use For Leftover Granola

 Yesterday I made granola as some call it. There was some left over; I'd say about a cup. Today I will be using it in a recipe for breakfast. If you try this let me know how it turns out for you. I like to add in left overs when they are available because then the old saying is true, "waste not want not." It gives me a good feeling and it doesn't accidentally end up on the floor either.
Rising on the stove

Oatmeal Bear Claws (the pastry not the animal with grain on the paw)

1. I started with a recipe for Quick and Easy 30 minute yeast rolls.
2. Added extra sweetener about a 1/3 cup of honey
3. Added lots of shakes of cinnamon, maybe a tablespoon or more. (Cinnamon regulates the blood sugar naturally.)
4. Added the granola from the night before to the dry ingredients
5. Rolled the risen dough in oil and then flour and made them into a paw.
6. Then on to the stove for another rise  then make the claw indentions with your fingers and into the oven as per the recipe.
7. You have the option of adding some butter on the top while it is cooling. This also helps if you have overcooked your claws a little to help them to be soft on the top.

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Anonymous said...

How neat! These would be wonderful for my kiddos.

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