Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My New Years Resolution!

I am resolved to keep my laundry room floor clean. We didn't have the money to finish our NEW laundry room that is full sized so I resolved to work early every morning until it was clean and better for us. Every little bit of improvement helps.

I just hate all of the laundry spilling out everywhere.  Below is what our improved laundry station looks like. For now it will do and I am happy with the much needed progress. The girls even helped out and were excited about the clean room. Zena scrubbed the floor like Cinderella and Zoi with her one useful arm volunteered to put away some of her laundry.

clean floor no piles, on the floor. YEAH!


clean washer 

I'm excited about what the new year holds.  Just pray that the laundry room stays this way. I have done this before you know. It seems like sickness hits me and the laundry room is the first to go. Maybe now that I have some children helping me with this it won't happen that way this time. One can only hope.

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