Saturday, December 28, 2013

Money Saving Homemade Products

Recently while I was looking for presents online, as many of you were. I came across a product I thought was really great. I was a "Wrinkle Releaser" where you can spray it on and smooth then let dry. I was very interested because I just hate ironing, although I will still end up ironing certain items for that pressed look, but I tried it out today and it worked great. I went to and found just what I needed.

Then there was the look around for a great detangler spray that brought me to find that and a recipe for hair spray from I didn't use the essential oils because I don't have any and I didn't want to spend any money to make these products. I used coconut flavoring and a little vanilla. I hope that your Christmas was great. We really enjoyed each other and everyone of the kids got to buy a dollar gift for the siblings. That's when the hugs broke out. It was great!

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