Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't Add Anything To It-Training Game

I have been trying to come up with more games to help give us reason to train our children. Games are so much fun with large families. Especially when you add some treats for rewards. I had noticed a slight problem with talking back or complaining about what some of the children had to do.  I had also noticed that there were others who liked to point out faults or second my admonitions to others so I came up with a plan and it has worked pretty good for us.

Zena at Christmas party. Love that funny face.

Don't Add Anything To It- Training Game:

What you will need

1. Pen
2. Paper
3. At least two children (the more the merrier)
4. Dinning Table
5. Something to eat

Write down your paper the names of the children who are participating in this game. The object of the game is to gain the least amount of points.

Start off with a practice round to show them how it will work and to know what to expect. This way everyone understands from the youngest to the oldest.

The Rules:

1. No one says anything but yes Ma'am or no ma'am or if Dad is doing the game yes Sir or no Sir.
2. If they have a question it is to be asked with manners ie. "May I please "or responding with "thank you."
3. When you or any of your siblings or children at the table are given an admonition, for example: "{Child} you need to chew with your mouth closed" they respond with, " yes Ma'am." and do it!
4. No bad manners of any kind. (your own family table rules apply)
5. No yelling or whining to get what you want from someone.
6. If Mom or Dad etc. call your name and pause you must respond with yes Ma'am?
7. Mom or Dad waits then tests each child until each child makes at least one mistake the last one without any points wins the game.

Its really fun to try to trip up that vigilant child with a chore they hate. I admit it is also fun to hear them say that yes Ma'am to it. Its like beautiful music to my ears. Don't you agree?

We have played this game several times and it works well for us. Let me know if you try this with your family and how it goes.

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