Monday, February 11, 2013

Glade Expressions Mist Kit

Recently, I was given a coupon to receive a free Glad Expressions mist kit in as a buzz agent in exchange for making a post and sharing some coupons with my friends. The store I found it at didn't have a lot of selection so I picked the fresh smelling cotton and Italian mandarin. Next time I buy it I can choose a different one because the unit is refillable.

Here are the places I like to use my spray:

* the furniture (ours is well used and it helps to keep it smelling fresh)
* the zildren's beds
* the bathrooms
* the kitchen
* the dog area (we still have to bring our barker, Hannah dog, in at night)

The only thing that I wished was different is that the fragrance was even more natural because I have to make sure that I have sprayed it early in the day or my husband will get sick from it.

You can buy your Glade Expressions mist at Walgreens, Wal-mart, Target, Amazon and direct online from Glade.

There are places online that you can get a coupon for your refill.

I'm looking forward to trying the fugi apple and Cardamon fragrance next. How will you express your-self with Glade?

Re-kindling the Romance-14 Creative Ideas

I have been trying to do something everyday leading up to Valentines so that my husband knows how much I care about him and so far its been a great experience for us both. I thought about the many homes where the romance or the love is dying and how that we can encourage each other by making efforts to show our love. It may not even be Valentines when you read this post or you may not even celebrate the holiday and that's your choice. I just use this day as a pleasant excuse to show the ones that I love how much I care.

Here are some ideas that I have tried and that I plan to try in the future.

1. Send each other a meaningful poem, I sent it via e-mail.

2. Send each other a mushy poem.

3. Write a scripture that expressed how you will love or are loving and decorate
 it with glitter or even some confetti. (from my friend)

4. Text your husband at work and let him know that the work that he does for your family is not forgotten and that you are proud that he makes the effort every day and is not a bum. In your own words of course.

5. Send him a love song or two or three or maybe spread them out for a few days.

6. Vow not to correct anything he says for the day.

7. Vow to show him more honor when he asks the children to do something or act better.

8. Take his shoes off for him when he gets home.

9. Cut his toe nails or fingernails.

10. Pamper him with a massage.

11. Decorate for the Holiday but don't spend any extra money.

12. Learn a new hair style.

13. Create a pretty Framed photo of you and your sweetheart.

14. Make a new album with your wedding photos.

What have you done to show your love? If its G rated, please share in the comments. I would like to have lots of ideas to draw from through the year.

 My husband has really responded well and I'm hoping yours will too!

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Missional Women

Free Valentines Worksheets for Your Home School

I love having something special for the zildren (if you are new here all of my children's names start with a z so they are the zildren) to do for the holidays it just makes it more memorable. Here is what I have found around the net.

1.  Math Drills- has a great selection of fun math pages

2. Coloring Sheets- great Valentines Day coloring sheets from kids know it all

3. Kindergarden Worksheets- great site, you do have to sign up but it is free to do so

4. K-12 Valentines- I found some great activities here

Feel free to add your own sites in the comments below. I would love to see them and so would our readers.
My Zoi has some ideas about crafts for Valentines.

Missional Women

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