Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Organizing and Containing Your Scissors

Have you had a hard time finding the children's scissors?  Are they hard to find when the kids need to do a project? I had this problem and wanted to end it. I have been searching high and low for a solution and one finally popped into my head.

When something pops into my head I like to go ahead with it because usually it is God trying to tell me something when I am trying to do something right.

Here is what I did!

  1. I found a short wide mouth mason jar that I had used for jelly.
  2. Then I found the metal lid and removed the center portion.
  3. Then I went through my plastic lids and found a blue one that I didn't have the container for any more.
  4. I cut the lid to fit the center circle.
  5. Then I asked my son for the box cutter and cut some small X's into the lid in the shape of a cross; four on the outsides and one in the center.
  6. I was all finished I just pushed the scissors into the plastic and yeah the children can now use the scissors holder for school.

The thing I really like about this is that now I can look and the holes that are not filled tell me that someone didn't replace a pair of scissors and I can find that scissors and get it put away quickly. I love that, don't you?

Up-cycled Lid Organizer in 5 Simple Steps

I have been seeing lots of really cool lid organizers on Pinterest but I didn't want to spend the extra money it took to buy them. I didn't have any of the materials laying around the house, so I decided to create one for myself that could be made from something that I already had around my house. 

We eat cereal for breakfast most days unless we are running low and them I bake breakfast. (I did that this morning with my girls but that's another story) That means that I have lots of large cereal boxes because we buy the biggest ones in the store so that they will last in our large family. 

Materials Needed:

1 cereal box
a box cutter
hot glue gun 
glue sticks
Optional- material to cover the box

  1. Cut off the front panel of your large cereal box with your box cutter.
  2. Heat up your hot glue gun and make sure you have lots of extra sticks handy.
  3. Apply little strips of glue every inch or so down and about two or three inches apart (making three one inch strips across on every row) to keep the lids from slipping.
  4. If you want you can now cover your box with your favorite material or whatever you have on hand. Glue that on.
  5. You are finished just set your finished lid organizer into your cabinet and add your lids. 

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