Friday, January 4, 2013

Upcycled Ice Breaker Coin Box/Candy Box

I have this really great coin box that hold my change that I reward my children with. Whenever they do extra chores or to motivate the little ones to try harder on their chores I give out a little ch-ching! I thought I would make a little pretty to put on top to make it more of my own. You could also save these containers to make nice candy holders for Valentines coming up.

Feel free to print this out with my print button above this post. From the print button above you can also delete the words in this post and just print the picture. For a finishing touch I plan to put some kind of clear protectant on it maybe mod podge.

Update: You will need to cut around the opening of your box so that the paper will lay flat maybe with a box cutter or similar knife. I haven't decided the best kind of glue for this project yet. I have only tried hot glue but I feel like another glue may work better on the plastic container. I did try super glue but that didn't work at all.

Instead of Mod Podge I used clear fingernail polish. It made a nice coating.  It was almost like I had used contact paper.

Let me know if you try this and what results you had. I would love to see pictures. I think I will have to redo mine when I get a new box empty.

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