Friday, December 6, 2013

Homemade Elf Fun!

Yesterday I decided to make our own little elf for Christmas with some left over fabric and of course, hot glue. He first showed up yesterday morning with a note. In the note it said that he was watching the children's behavior and would reward them for manners and chores done. It also said that they could not touch him although I did let them all touch him one time to get it out of their system. The note went on to say that he would only come out when they were asleep at night. I also told them that he might have some candy or goodies to give out regularly with a game. So today we are using gummies to have them learn a bible verse about Christmas and then the rest of them will be given out for chores or super good manners etc.
Every morning they each have to find the elf we so affectionately call Buster and they can't give up his location to their siblings. Plus Buster is reporting their actions to their parents so he is the "nark" in the family too. lol

Do you have an elf int he family? What are some of the ways you incorporate the real meaning of Christmas with him?

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