Saturday, December 28, 2013

Money Saving Homemade Products

Recently while I was looking for presents online, as many of you were. I came across a product I thought was really great. I was a "Wrinkle Releaser" where you can spray it on and smooth then let dry. I was very interested because I just hate ironing, although I will still end up ironing certain items for that pressed look, but I tried it out today and it worked great. I went to and found just what I needed.

Then there was the look around for a great detangler spray that brought me to find that and a recipe for hair spray from I didn't use the essential oils because I don't have any and I didn't want to spend any money to make these products. I used coconut flavoring and a little vanilla. I hope that your Christmas was great. We really enjoyed each other and everyone of the kids got to buy a dollar gift for the siblings. That's when the hugs broke out. It was great!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't Add Anything To It-Training Game

I have been trying to come up with more games to help give us reason to train our children. Games are so much fun with large families. Especially when you add some treats for rewards. I had noticed a slight problem with talking back or complaining about what some of the children had to do.  I had also noticed that there were others who liked to point out faults or second my admonitions to others so I came up with a plan and it has worked pretty good for us.

Zena at Christmas party. Love that funny face.

Don't Add Anything To It- Training Game:

What you will need

1. Pen
2. Paper
3. At least two children (the more the merrier)
4. Dinning Table
5. Something to eat

Write down your paper the names of the children who are participating in this game. The object of the game is to gain the least amount of points.

Start off with a practice round to show them how it will work and to know what to expect. This way everyone understands from the youngest to the oldest.

The Rules:

1. No one says anything but yes Ma'am or no ma'am or if Dad is doing the game yes Sir or no Sir.
2. If they have a question it is to be asked with manners ie. "May I please "or responding with "thank you."
3. When you or any of your siblings or children at the table are given an admonition, for example: "{Child} you need to chew with your mouth closed" they respond with, " yes Ma'am." and do it!
4. No bad manners of any kind. (your own family table rules apply)
5. No yelling or whining to get what you want from someone.
6. If Mom or Dad etc. call your name and pause you must respond with yes Ma'am?
7. Mom or Dad waits then tests each child until each child makes at least one mistake the last one without any points wins the game.

Its really fun to try to trip up that vigilant child with a chore they hate. I admit it is also fun to hear them say that yes Ma'am to it. Its like beautiful music to my ears. Don't you agree?

We have played this game several times and it works well for us. Let me know if you try this with your family and how it goes.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Training Up Our Children

Nora at Granny's house

For a couple of weeks now God has been working on my heart about training my children more often not just disciplining or dealing out consequences. I know this is a big issue for many people its not just me. In the scripture God instructs us as parents to train up our children. Many people NEVER do that.  Some don't even discipline but engage in screaming and yelling. I am not perfect at any of this yet.  I struggle more than the average because of poor health so I get up many mornings with good intentions but the same methods of training.

This morning I decided to hit the web and find some more ways to load my arsenal of "training up." Here is what I have put together so far.  If you have any more good Christian blog posts to add please mention them in a comment.

Child Training Games

1. Training with marbles.
4. Game for teaching children to be still. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Homemade Elf Fun!

Yesterday I decided to make our own little elf for Christmas with some left over fabric and of course, hot glue. He first showed up yesterday morning with a note. In the note it said that he was watching the children's behavior and would reward them for manners and chores done. It also said that they could not touch him although I did let them all touch him one time to get it out of their system. The note went on to say that he would only come out when they were asleep at night. I also told them that he might have some candy or goodies to give out regularly with a game. So today we are using gummies to have them learn a bible verse about Christmas and then the rest of them will be given out for chores or super good manners etc.
Every morning they each have to find the elf we so affectionately call Buster and they can't give up his location to their siblings. Plus Buster is reporting their actions to their parents so he is the "nark" in the family too. lol

Do you have an elf int he family? What are some of the ways you incorporate the real meaning of Christmas with him?

Fun Times!

And the winner is.........

Last night we had a little one that didn't what to use his manners and had to be disciplined. To solidify this in his mind and the other children's minds Daddy decided to play Daddy Says with them and I played a little bit too, just for the fun of it. It started out with a few boring commands like everyone stand in age order against the wall. Then it went on like that for about 5 minutes or so and we moved from our bedroom into the living room for more space.

When we got there we were all interested to see what would happen next. The first exercise he had us do was called squat thrusts. The kids didn't know what that was so he demonstrated. Then everyone took turns doing three each. Some weren't satisfied with just three and asked to do more. Then Zach decided that he wanted to do 100 squat thrusts and the challenge was on. Dad began the count and then Zeb wanted to do them too so we started with Zeb on the other side of the room. Zach did his well and we cheered him through the last 10. We were all so proud of him. He never stopped till the end. Zeb did well too but he had to have a few breaks.

After that they all had to arm wrestle their Dad and someone (om Nora) had to arm wrestle Mom. She won several times because Mom was always caught off guard and tired. The last feat in Daddy says was leg wrestling. First he beat everyone then he allowed everyone to beat him it was too funny to watch. It had me in stitches. A lot like an episode of "The Three Stooges".

What do you do to instill obedience in your children?

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