Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our New Chicken Coop!

Our first chickens didn't fair too well without a closed in coop. In our area there are lots of raccoon and loose dogs. My husband bought all of the materials to build the yard and we used our found pallets to make the coop part. Now after many months we have a safe coop and yard for the chickens.

The coop has some chicken wire over the top of the yard and chicken wire is all around the bottom of the yard and coop to keep predators from being able to burrow underneath.

We had some heart ache but decided to just raise a few in the house in the bath room until the new coop was finished. One lived and that was our start. Then we bought two Americans for a good bargain and a friend of ours who has been showing me how to raise the chickens has given me some and now all total we have 12 chickens. 10 hens and 2 roosters. 4 of them are bantam (banty if you are from the south) chickens and the rest are regular sized. Recently we installed some tarp material and a heating lamp for the colder temperatures and the rain. Here are some pictures of all of the goings on.

the sand/ash box
the ice tray feeder

Marigold at young pullet size

Marigold in a chicken diaper

doing the dishes and vacuuming:)

Finished covered chicken yard  (Zoi, Zeke and Lonnie my sweet builders )

This is our rooster and two of his hens the one right next to him is our former house chicken.

This is our bantam roo he stands about 6 to 7 inches high.

This is one of our bantam hens.

Bantam rooster at the pumpkin.

Our Australorp Rooster at the water feeder.

My five year old with a bantam hen.


Another Americana

My chicken keeper, Zeb with a bantam hen. 

This is our hen Iron Chick. She was injured from a chicken plucking. We separated her from the others for a while so she could start healing. She is a lot better this week and able to be back with her friends and not be bothered. Sometimes chickens start plucking their friends feathers when there is not a lot of diversity of eating materials after the hay came they settled down plus we give them more protein and green snacks now. This is a learning journey. You must always be watching them to see what they are up to because if this goes too far they will become cannibalistic. That is not w lot like what I want to wake up to. To me its a lot like drugs. I guess feathers are a real treat! Another learning opportunity for the children. Everything in moderation even feather cleaning and picking. :)

This is Flopsy drinking from the water feeder.

This is angel making up breakfast. We save our eggs up for Saturday or Sunday breakfast. Yum! They all like to lay in the same bucket.

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