Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Chickens are Here!

Rhode Island Reds

If you have been following me on face book you have noticed that we have a couple of additions to the family. I have been working hard on their new chicken yard and coop. A friend of mine offered to give us some chickens and then she also offered to help me gather the supplies to build our pen and coop. I was so excited I could envision those chickens in our yard and strutting their stuff. Did you realize chicken eggs grown from free range chickens are much more healthy than the regular store bought chickens?

First, I set up some pallets hap hazardously and wired them together. Then our friend came over with the chickens and helped me to just use our old fence panels that had never gotten put up because of the rocky ground we were on. We used some old trampoline posts to be our posts for now and are keeping our eyes open for some re-bar or other posts that are longer to replace them with in the future. Fortunately this part of the yard isn't as full of rocks as the outer edge is.

I am plum worn out from stringing up the chicken wire and my hands are sore from the wire. If you ever try this you need to have some gloves. A nail gun and at least a staple gun would be great also, for running the chicken wire.

Right now, we are using an old wire dog crate for a chicken coop. I hope to get a larger one someday so that we can have more chickens. We found out the hard way that even though they have their wings cliped on one side they can fly up to the top of the dog crate if it is on the ground and then fly out of the yard.

We raised it off of the ground by using an old bed frame that we had rescued from the neighbors before it got hauled away. We just took an old piece of fence panel and screwed it between the two sides of the wooden head and foot board and then lifted the dog crate up on top of the newly made legs. If you have been following all of my pinterest boards then you can see that I have been busy collecting chicken raising information and looking at interesting chicken coops.

If you have info for me drop by my face book page and leave your links there. I would love to look over them when I get a moment.

I can't wait until they begin to start laying eggs it should be just a few months until they are old enough. I would like to learn all about organic chicken farming. Are you a chicken farmer? Watching the chickens in the yard doing their chicken thing and having the children enjoy their presence is a wonderful blessing to me. The zildren were a great big help with the yard as well. I think it helped to build up some character for them to help with this project.

I didn't want them to fly away again so I put some extra chicken wire above the highest part of the chicken walk.

Before the chicken wire.

Now I am looking for some little wind chimes to hang on the pen to add some more stress relieving qualities to our chicken yard.


Anonymous said...

How fun to get your chickens! We want to get some here too, we have the space for it - just need the coop.

Jenifer Harrod said...

Yes, Heather it is fun. I know you will have a blast when you get yours.

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