Friday, February 1, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen Game!

Last night my husband Lonnie was explaining to the children about how we should act at the table when we have supper or when we are out to eat or dining with another family. He spent some time explaining the basics and then he got into talking about Ladies how they are not bossy and demanding what they want from the table and Gentlemen are not grouchy and chauvinistic or superior acting towards the women that they are around. In other words, quit fighting at the table.

Then my dear hubby came up with a grand idea to drive home the issue a little farther, a chance to do some training and have fun at the same time. They were excited then and ready to finish up their supper and clean off the table so that they could find out what game he had planned for them.

First Lonnie explained how there are Ladies and then there are Women. A Lady can be spotted by how she is dressed and how she acts usually on sight. She will be dressed modestly and she will not be loud or obnoxious.

Ladies and Gentlemen Game


Preliminary Setup- Explain how Gentlemen are supposed to allow a Lady to go through the door if they are both coming up to the door at the same time and hold the door for the lady or if it is an automatic door stop and motion for the woman or Lady to go first.

1. Pair up your children and let the girl stand on the side or the door like she had just gotten there and then ask the boy to come up to the door and open it or motion for the woman or Lady to go ahead of him.

*if the female is not a Lady then she will demand that the door is opened for her or get angry when the door is opened for her. The boy is instructed that even if he is treated this way he is to treat the woman as if she were a lady because when she is treated like a lady many times she will begin to act like one.

2.  Find an open space like a living room for this next part.

Setup- explain how a gentleman will hold his arm to his stomach and hold it there not stiffly but strong so that the Lady can put her arm through his elbow and hold his arm to be escorted by the gentlemen.  Tell them how that if they don't hold their arm right the Lady will fall and hurt herself.

Pair up a girl with a boy and if you run out you can use Mom and Dad as well.  Take the ladies on a little spin around the living room or area and have the girl pretend to fall and the gentleman help her up. Be ready for some really fun giggles!

Maybe you could come up with some more at your house. If you do let me know.

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Unknown said...

a wonderful idea! It does take practice to make a habit, and with so few role models these days of how a proper lady and gentleman should act, you've come up with a terrific solution.
(stopping by from Raising Homemakers)

Jenifer Harrod said...

Oh thank you, we had so much fun doing it!

Unknown said...

Love it! I think we're going to try this. Brothers and sisters tend to not think of one another as "ladies" and "gentlemen". What a great teaching opportunity.

Jenifer Harrod said...

Thanks Tammy I think it needs to be repeated a bit around here. Maybe a second round.

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