Monday, February 11, 2013

Glade Expressions Mist Kit

Recently, I was given a coupon to receive a free Glad Expressions mist kit in as a buzz agent in exchange for making a post and sharing some coupons with my friends. The store I found it at didn't have a lot of selection so I picked the fresh smelling cotton and Italian mandarin. Next time I buy it I can choose a different one because the unit is refillable.

Here are the places I like to use my spray:

* the furniture (ours is well used and it helps to keep it smelling fresh)
* the zildren's beds
* the bathrooms
* the kitchen
* the dog area (we still have to bring our barker, Hannah dog, in at night)

The only thing that I wished was different is that the fragrance was even more natural because I have to make sure that I have sprayed it early in the day or my husband will get sick from it.

You can buy your Glade Expressions mist at Walgreens, Wal-mart, Target, Amazon and direct online from Glade.

There are places online that you can get a coupon for your refill.

I'm looking forward to trying the fugi apple and Cardamon fragrance next. How will you express your-self with Glade?

1 comment:

momto8 said...

bet is gives the whole house a fresh scent!

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