Friday, January 18, 2013

Personalized Towels

This Christmas my husband asked for a monogrammed towel and I couldn't get him one because of finances but I really tried. He wanted a big thick white monogrammed towel so I was able to find him a big pretty thick, white towel but wasn't able to get anyone to monogram one. (I'm still working on that.) 

One day I was visiting Etsy to look for handmade items and I found this shop that made really cute personalized towels. I loved the pictures of beautiful towels with brightly colored names on them so I thought to my self that maybe my husband would like them as well.

The lady at the Etsy shop agreed to send me a towel to review and I was really happy to have a chance to make my husband happy. 

The things I liked about the towel:
  • The towel was a nice large size
  • It was bright white
  • they used a really nice bright color for the letter I asked for 
  • the letter i on the towels in the pictures has a heart on it for the dot
The things I would have changed if I could:
  • The towel could have been thicker (although it probably would have been more expensive)
  • I would have liked to have an uppercase letter (although I don't think there was an option for that)
All in all I would love to do business with this shop again in the future. I would order some towels for the kids with their names on them. I think they would just love them! Plus that would be really neat for all of the kids to be able to keep up with their towels better. Organization is my middle name right now. I have been really working on that for the past few weeks.

we were excited to receive a package in the mail
when Daddy was gone to work

I hung it with care on the bathroom
 rack for a little surprise.

He was very surprised to his new white towel.

h is for Harrod but it also works for happy as well.
Please visit her shop and tell me which color you like in the comments. Also please let her know that You found her from Feeding Nine On A Dime. 

I was given a free towel to review for this post and give my own unbiased opinions for others to consider before purchasing.

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Unknown said...

This Looks Cool!! i will be buying some Personalized Towels soon. excited to see how looks mine

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