Friday, January 25, 2013

Mom, You Have What It Takes!

When I was just beginning to homeschool my first child, and that was shortly after his birth. a older women in the faith told me about just what that was supposed to look like and be like that inspired me all of these years.

Today I want to pass on that nugget of knowledge to you that are thinking about homeschooling and those that have been homeschooling for years. Satan would love for you to buy in to the idea that there is no way that you could possible provide for your children a suitable education. The world's philosophy is that everyone should have the same opportunities and the same options in their schooling.  This is NOT God's philosophy.

The bible teaches that parents are to bring up their children and that everyone has different gifts and that not everyone can be called to the same thing.

If we didn't have some that were manual workers then the scientist and presidents would have no one to build their roads or cook their meals or make their beds, you get the idea. Everyone has worth to God in whatever occupation that they serve in.

God has given mothers and fathers a responsibility to raise their children for the Lord. He will provide for you what ever you need to bring up your children the way he wants them to be raised. There will be somethings that you are not good at but then you don't need to be. Then there will be other interests that God calls you to learn and teach to your children. Sometimes, God will provide a way for your children to learn or experience a certain activity that you hadn't thought of like a internet class or a friend who wants to teach them.

Don't buy into the propaganda that there is no way for you to provide all of the equipment or all of the books or knowledge because God already has that under control.  That is his area of concern. The impossible will be made possible through Christ! What your child needs is what you can give them. Use the gifts and talents that are specific to you. Do what you enjoy. If its growing plants, crochet, baking or crafting. If its reading or writing, experimenting or building; do what God has put in to your heart to do. Teach those things to your children when you do them. Let them be your helpers as little ones as older ones give them your tools and let them try it for them selves with your supervision.

 For all of the other things that you have on your heart that you can not provide right now just pray about them and wait on the Lord.

When someone tells you that they could never do what you are doing as a homeschooling parent look at them and agree and then say no but God has made you unique and you could do it another way and have great results as well!

We are all called to put the same principles and the same gospel into our children but that does not produce adults with the same callings in life. Enjoy being who you are. God made you to be just the right parent to teach your child. He brought you together from birth or even if you have adopted he put you together. God does this with purpose he makes no mistakes.  Quit trying to fit into the mold that others have for you to follow and follow the path that God has for you to follow. Only listen to counsel that lines up with scripture.

Proverbs 22:6

6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Have you ever ran into this train of thought? Has this mindset ever slowed down your homeschooling efforts?   Please join in on the conversation so we can learn from each other and be encouraged in the Lord. 

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Sue Whitson said...

If I can do it, anyone can.

At the time I started homeschooling, I didn't have a teaching certificate. I could barely add 2 + 2 without a calculator, and although I read very well and had high comprehension, I struggled to read out loud. It was weird, but for me, words printed on paper were another language that I rarely translated into English. How could I ever teach my kids?

We lived in a house with no central heat and no toilet - not because we wanted to - because we were that poor. I was also incredibly sick and disorganized. Several years later I found out that I had been operating on less than half my lung capacity all through that time. My life was a total mess because of this and my house showed it! It was not unusual to see moldy dishes in my house and finding a path to walk thru was difficult. I could not dicipline myself, much less my kids. When I look back, I just have to shake my head. How could someone like that even think about homeschooling?

We were so poor that I had to work. In the early 80's, the country was going thru a deep recession and the farming community was experiencing a real depression. Very few young adults in our community had steady jobs. Our total income often was less than $5,000/year. For varying reasons, we had not qualified for unemployment or state aid. At one point we did, but wound up declining it because it was nearly impossible to stay qualified without cheating or getting a divorce.

As a result of all this and 3 babies, when I started homeschooling in 1985, we were deeply in debt and still living well below the poverty line. The first two years of homeschooling, I cleaned houses, helped care for my husband's dying grandfather and raised sheep. For the next 9 years, I worked outside the home at varying jobs 50 - 60 hours a week.

Homeschooling was not part of what I wanted to do, in fact I was looking forward to sending them off to school so I could have a break. When my youngest was born, I found myself grieving because I would now have a total of 11 years of having preschoolers in the house! Shoot! I didn't even want kids to begin with! I can't imagine actually "planning" to get pregnant! Nope, I can't think of anyone less qualified to homeschool their children!

My older two children entered the local public school system in 8th grade at or above their grade level in everything. My youngest never stepped into a formal classroom until he went to drivers ed (and that was more than enough "school" for him). He is a successful young adult.

A few years ago, I was talking with a neighbor. She made the comment that when she heard I was homeschooling she really felt sorry for my kids because she thought they'd be and absolute mess! She was a local school bus driver for many years. She said she was absolutely amazed when my older two entered school. She actually tells people my kids are the best this school district has turned out! I taught one of her grandsons and she tells me she wishes I could teach all of her grandkids.

So how did I do it? Through the grace of God and a lot of prayer! With God all things are possible!

Jenifer Harrod said...

Thank you so much for commenting Sue! You are an amazing woman. God does use us in spite of ourselves. I have been chronically lethargic and in pain a lot of my life and the first years of my marriage were hard because of pregnancies as well. I can really identify with you. Yet, somehow God has never let us quit homeschooling. God Bless!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for linking up this post. I haven't officially started homeschooling my oldest yet, I so appreciate the encouragement!

Unknown said...

Thank you for this encouraging post. I could just as easily send my son to a local private school where he'd be able to attend at half-price, and even then, my mother-in-law would probably pay that for us... But, I just WANT to homeschool. So, at the beginning of my homeschooling journey, I often have to fight off feelings of inadequacy. But God reminds me that I am capable, if for no other reason than there's more to life than academics and even just teaching my son the basics will allow him to be a fully functioning member of society. Of course, I want to teach him so much more than the basics, but you get my point, right?

P.S. Thanks so much for joining The Bliss Project link up. Please join in again!

WRBC - The Happy Campers said...

Thanks for those words of encouragement. You are a beautiful writer! Stopping by from homeschooling on the cheap linky. New follower on facebook.

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