Saturday, December 28, 2013

Money Saving Homemade Products

Recently while I was looking for presents online, as many of you were. I came across a product I thought was really great. I was a "Wrinkle Releaser" where you can spray it on and smooth then let dry. I was very interested because I just hate ironing, although I will still end up ironing certain items for that pressed look, but I tried it out today and it worked great. I went to and found just what I needed.

Then there was the look around for a great detangler spray that brought me to find that and a recipe for hair spray from I didn't use the essential oils because I don't have any and I didn't want to spend any money to make these products. I used coconut flavoring and a little vanilla. I hope that your Christmas was great. We really enjoyed each other and everyone of the kids got to buy a dollar gift for the siblings. That's when the hugs broke out. It was great!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Don't Add Anything To It-Training Game

I have been trying to come up with more games to help give us reason to train our children. Games are so much fun with large families. Especially when you add some treats for rewards. I had noticed a slight problem with talking back or complaining about what some of the children had to do.  I had also noticed that there were others who liked to point out faults or second my admonitions to others so I came up with a plan and it has worked pretty good for us.

Zena at Christmas party. Love that funny face.

Don't Add Anything To It- Training Game:

What you will need

1. Pen
2. Paper
3. At least two children (the more the merrier)
4. Dinning Table
5. Something to eat

Write down your paper the names of the children who are participating in this game. The object of the game is to gain the least amount of points.

Start off with a practice round to show them how it will work and to know what to expect. This way everyone understands from the youngest to the oldest.

The Rules:

1. No one says anything but yes Ma'am or no ma'am or if Dad is doing the game yes Sir or no Sir.
2. If they have a question it is to be asked with manners ie. "May I please "or responding with "thank you."
3. When you or any of your siblings or children at the table are given an admonition, for example: "{Child} you need to chew with your mouth closed" they respond with, " yes Ma'am." and do it!
4. No bad manners of any kind. (your own family table rules apply)
5. No yelling or whining to get what you want from someone.
6. If Mom or Dad etc. call your name and pause you must respond with yes Ma'am?
7. Mom or Dad waits then tests each child until each child makes at least one mistake the last one without any points wins the game.

Its really fun to try to trip up that vigilant child with a chore they hate. I admit it is also fun to hear them say that yes Ma'am to it. Its like beautiful music to my ears. Don't you agree?

We have played this game several times and it works well for us. Let me know if you try this with your family and how it goes.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Training Up Our Children

Nora at Granny's house

For a couple of weeks now God has been working on my heart about training my children more often not just disciplining or dealing out consequences. I know this is a big issue for many people its not just me. In the scripture God instructs us as parents to train up our children. Many people NEVER do that.  Some don't even discipline but engage in screaming and yelling. I am not perfect at any of this yet.  I struggle more than the average because of poor health so I get up many mornings with good intentions but the same methods of training.

This morning I decided to hit the web and find some more ways to load my arsenal of "training up." Here is what I have put together so far.  If you have any more good Christian blog posts to add please mention them in a comment.

Child Training Games

1. Training with marbles.
4. Game for teaching children to be still. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Homemade Elf Fun!

Yesterday I decided to make our own little elf for Christmas with some left over fabric and of course, hot glue. He first showed up yesterday morning with a note. In the note it said that he was watching the children's behavior and would reward them for manners and chores done. It also said that they could not touch him although I did let them all touch him one time to get it out of their system. The note went on to say that he would only come out when they were asleep at night. I also told them that he might have some candy or goodies to give out regularly with a game. So today we are using gummies to have them learn a bible verse about Christmas and then the rest of them will be given out for chores or super good manners etc.
Every morning they each have to find the elf we so affectionately call Buster and they can't give up his location to their siblings. Plus Buster is reporting their actions to their parents so he is the "nark" in the family too. lol

Do you have an elf int he family? What are some of the ways you incorporate the real meaning of Christmas with him?

Fun Times!

And the winner is.........

Last night we had a little one that didn't what to use his manners and had to be disciplined. To solidify this in his mind and the other children's minds Daddy decided to play Daddy Says with them and I played a little bit too, just for the fun of it. It started out with a few boring commands like everyone stand in age order against the wall. Then it went on like that for about 5 minutes or so and we moved from our bedroom into the living room for more space.

When we got there we were all interested to see what would happen next. The first exercise he had us do was called squat thrusts. The kids didn't know what that was so he demonstrated. Then everyone took turns doing three each. Some weren't satisfied with just three and asked to do more. Then Zach decided that he wanted to do 100 squat thrusts and the challenge was on. Dad began the count and then Zeb wanted to do them too so we started with Zeb on the other side of the room. Zach did his well and we cheered him through the last 10. We were all so proud of him. He never stopped till the end. Zeb did well too but he had to have a few breaks.

After that they all had to arm wrestle their Dad and someone (om Nora) had to arm wrestle Mom. She won several times because Mom was always caught off guard and tired. The last feat in Daddy says was leg wrestling. First he beat everyone then he allowed everyone to beat him it was too funny to watch. It had me in stitches. A lot like an episode of "The Three Stooges".

What do you do to instill obedience in your children?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our New Chicken Coop!

Our first chickens didn't fair too well without a closed in coop. In our area there are lots of raccoon and loose dogs. My husband bought all of the materials to build the yard and we used our found pallets to make the coop part. Now after many months we have a safe coop and yard for the chickens.

The coop has some chicken wire over the top of the yard and chicken wire is all around the bottom of the yard and coop to keep predators from being able to burrow underneath.

We had some heart ache but decided to just raise a few in the house in the bath room until the new coop was finished. One lived and that was our start. Then we bought two Americans for a good bargain and a friend of ours who has been showing me how to raise the chickens has given me some and now all total we have 12 chickens. 10 hens and 2 roosters. 4 of them are bantam (banty if you are from the south) chickens and the rest are regular sized. Recently we installed some tarp material and a heating lamp for the colder temperatures and the rain. Here are some pictures of all of the goings on.

the sand/ash box
the ice tray feeder

Marigold at young pullet size

Marigold in a chicken diaper

doing the dishes and vacuuming:)

Finished covered chicken yard  (Zoi, Zeke and Lonnie my sweet builders )

This is our rooster and two of his hens the one right next to him is our former house chicken.

This is our bantam roo he stands about 6 to 7 inches high.

This is one of our bantam hens.

Bantam rooster at the pumpkin.

Our Australorp Rooster at the water feeder.

My five year old with a bantam hen.


Another Americana

My chicken keeper, Zeb with a bantam hen. 

This is our hen Iron Chick. She was injured from a chicken plucking. We separated her from the others for a while so she could start healing. She is a lot better this week and able to be back with her friends and not be bothered. Sometimes chickens start plucking their friends feathers when there is not a lot of diversity of eating materials after the hay came they settled down plus we give them more protein and green snacks now. This is a learning journey. You must always be watching them to see what they are up to because if this goes too far they will become cannibalistic. That is not w lot like what I want to wake up to. To me its a lot like drugs. I guess feathers are a real treat! Another learning opportunity for the children. Everything in moderation even feather cleaning and picking. :)

This is Flopsy drinking from the water feeder.

This is angel making up breakfast. We save our eggs up for Saturday or Sunday breakfast. Yum! They all like to lay in the same bucket.

Quick and Easy Potato Bread!

Lately I have been having the older children to make the bread for us; a different one every week. To make it more enjoyable I have made the child that did it the previous week to do one of their time consuming chores for them. This week Zach, my oldest, chose Potato Bread a big favorite with him because he likes the bread to be flexible and soft. Give it a try and let me know how yours turns out. It doesn't really taste like potatoes either. The potatoes just help with the moisture levels.

1 large potato, peeled and cooked in the microwave. ( it only takes about 5 minutes if the potato has been peeled)
1 1/2 cups water
2 tablespoons of yeast (I use the yeast brick and save the yeast in a plastic container in the freezer)
6 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
3 tablespoons sweetener of your choice
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil or shortening the (oil is cheaper so that's what we use)
1 tablespoon of salt
2 tablespoons of all purpose flour (for kneading)
1/2 cup of warm water

1. In a 2 cup glass measuring cup or microwave safe bowl cook your peel and cook your potato for 4 or 5 minutes in the microwave. Then chunk it up and add some warm faucet water to the 2 cup line and mash and stir until smooth.
2. Then pour 1/2 cups of that potato water into your medium to large mixing bowl and add your yeast. Stirring to mix. Next add your potato mixture and 2 cups of flour, sweetener,oil and salt. Beat that all together with your electric mixer on low speed until combined scraping the sides.
3. Sir in the remaining flour and  the half cup of warm water or more if it is fall or winter and the air is dry.
You can mix this by hand and knead at this time or mix with your dough hook for a while and then shape into loaves. Zach prefers to knead it by hand because he enjoys playing with the dough.
Spray two bread pans with cooking oil spray and flour the bottoms of your pan to make the bread release easier after its baked.
4. Turn your oven on warm and place your bread into the oven to rise for 30 minutes or until the bread has risen well above the pans.
5. Turn your oven to 375 and bake for 40 to 45 minutes placing a cookie sheet or tin pan over the top in the last 10 to 15 minutes of cooking to avoid the crust burning.
6. Let your bread rest out of the pan for about 10 to 15 minutes when it comes out of the pan and slice with an electric knife or any bread knife. I really like the electric knife for this because you are able to get the slices just right with it.

I am working on posting pictures with my posts but the last code reader we bought was defective so we will have to try again. Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Chickens are Here!

Rhode Island Reds

If you have been following me on face book you have noticed that we have a couple of additions to the family. I have been working hard on their new chicken yard and coop. A friend of mine offered to give us some chickens and then she also offered to help me gather the supplies to build our pen and coop. I was so excited I could envision those chickens in our yard and strutting their stuff. Did you realize chicken eggs grown from free range chickens are much more healthy than the regular store bought chickens?

First, I set up some pallets hap hazardously and wired them together. Then our friend came over with the chickens and helped me to just use our old fence panels that had never gotten put up because of the rocky ground we were on. We used some old trampoline posts to be our posts for now and are keeping our eyes open for some re-bar or other posts that are longer to replace them with in the future. Fortunately this part of the yard isn't as full of rocks as the outer edge is.

I am plum worn out from stringing up the chicken wire and my hands are sore from the wire. If you ever try this you need to have some gloves. A nail gun and at least a staple gun would be great also, for running the chicken wire.

Right now, we are using an old wire dog crate for a chicken coop. I hope to get a larger one someday so that we can have more chickens. We found out the hard way that even though they have their wings cliped on one side they can fly up to the top of the dog crate if it is on the ground and then fly out of the yard.

We raised it off of the ground by using an old bed frame that we had rescued from the neighbors before it got hauled away. We just took an old piece of fence panel and screwed it between the two sides of the wooden head and foot board and then lifted the dog crate up on top of the newly made legs. If you have been following all of my pinterest boards then you can see that I have been busy collecting chicken raising information and looking at interesting chicken coops.

If you have info for me drop by my face book page and leave your links there. I would love to look over them when I get a moment.

I can't wait until they begin to start laying eggs it should be just a few months until they are old enough. I would like to learn all about organic chicken farming. Are you a chicken farmer? Watching the chickens in the yard doing their chicken thing and having the children enjoy their presence is a wonderful blessing to me. The zildren were a great big help with the yard as well. I think it helped to build up some character for them to help with this project.

I didn't want them to fly away again so I put some extra chicken wire above the highest part of the chicken walk.

Before the chicken wire.

Now I am looking for some little wind chimes to hang on the pen to add some more stress relieving qualities to our chicken yard.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quick and Easy Yeast Rolls

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite recipes. It only takes about 30 minutes to finish this one start to finish. Give it a try and tell me what you think. Don't forget to pin it.

1 cup and 2 tbls. of warm water
1/3 cup of oil
2 tbls. of dry yeast
1/4 cup of honey
1 1/2 tep. of salt
1 egg
3 1/2 cups of flour

What tools you will need:

2 bowls one large and one medium
Casserole dish or cookie sheet
Something to render the dish non-stick (spray or butter and flour etc.)


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

2. Whisk together your yeast combination of water (1 cup and 2 tbls. )  oil and honey  in the smaller bowl and allow to set n a warm location for 15 minutes until it starts to bubble some.

3. Meanwhile Mix your dry ingredients together plus the egg and set that aside for the rest of the 15 minutes is up on the yeast mixture.

4. Prepare your pan for the rolls and your surface for a quick one minute knead with a sprinkling of flour.

5. Ding your timer has rung so add your two bowls together and mix gently with a wooden spoon.

6. Knead your rolls or really just form them and put them onto your dish or cookie sheet.

7. Allow them to rise for 10 minutes.

8. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown on top.

Do you like quick and easy recipes like this one?

Missional Women

Monday, February 11, 2013

Glade Expressions Mist Kit

Recently, I was given a coupon to receive a free Glad Expressions mist kit in as a buzz agent in exchange for making a post and sharing some coupons with my friends. The store I found it at didn't have a lot of selection so I picked the fresh smelling cotton and Italian mandarin. Next time I buy it I can choose a different one because the unit is refillable.

Here are the places I like to use my spray:

* the furniture (ours is well used and it helps to keep it smelling fresh)
* the zildren's beds
* the bathrooms
* the kitchen
* the dog area (we still have to bring our barker, Hannah dog, in at night)

The only thing that I wished was different is that the fragrance was even more natural because I have to make sure that I have sprayed it early in the day or my husband will get sick from it.

You can buy your Glade Expressions mist at Walgreens, Wal-mart, Target, Amazon and direct online from Glade.

There are places online that you can get a coupon for your refill.

I'm looking forward to trying the fugi apple and Cardamon fragrance next. How will you express your-self with Glade?

Re-kindling the Romance-14 Creative Ideas

I have been trying to do something everyday leading up to Valentines so that my husband knows how much I care about him and so far its been a great experience for us both. I thought about the many homes where the romance or the love is dying and how that we can encourage each other by making efforts to show our love. It may not even be Valentines when you read this post or you may not even celebrate the holiday and that's your choice. I just use this day as a pleasant excuse to show the ones that I love how much I care.

Here are some ideas that I have tried and that I plan to try in the future.

1. Send each other a meaningful poem, I sent it via e-mail.

2. Send each other a mushy poem.

3. Write a scripture that expressed how you will love or are loving and decorate
 it with glitter or even some confetti. (from my friend)

4. Text your husband at work and let him know that the work that he does for your family is not forgotten and that you are proud that he makes the effort every day and is not a bum. In your own words of course.

5. Send him a love song or two or three or maybe spread them out for a few days.

6. Vow not to correct anything he says for the day.

7. Vow to show him more honor when he asks the children to do something or act better.

8. Take his shoes off for him when he gets home.

9. Cut his toe nails or fingernails.

10. Pamper him with a massage.

11. Decorate for the Holiday but don't spend any extra money.

12. Learn a new hair style.

13. Create a pretty Framed photo of you and your sweetheart.

14. Make a new album with your wedding photos.

What have you done to show your love? If its G rated, please share in the comments. I would like to have lots of ideas to draw from through the year.

 My husband has really responded well and I'm hoping yours will too!

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