Saturday, December 15, 2012

Its Not About Gun Control!

I was so saddened to hear about the senseless deaths in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday morning. Children were snuffed out as well as adults. Death is no respect of persons. Don't think that God didn't know about what was happening down here on earth, because he did. He knew what was happening and he pleaded with this young man to stop. God doesn't keep people from committing crimes. Sometimes he acts on the urgent prayers of the righteous to heal a nation though. Perhaps God allowed this to happen to cause people to look to him for their answers in life. These children and adults were let down by evil and sinful man and not God.

Now, we as his creation need to examine ourselves:

1. Are we loving our children the way that we should?
2. Are we spending time with them that really counts. Time where we impart wisdom into their souls not just       entertainment.
3. Have we expressed to them our love.
4. Is the Devil attacking our family from within.
    a. wives who despise their husbands and put them down
     b. husbands who don't cherish their wives
      c. children who are not taught to love the Lord
       d. hours of t.v. or video games that go against what we are trying to teach our children
        e. no time to spend with our family
5. Do we put a high value on life or are we calling our unborn children fetuses and sentencing them to death.
6. Do you have a relationship with Jesus or are you just doing the best you can?

We can blame those deaths on guns and people who own guns but that won't be the truth. We would have to remove every object that could quickly kill a person or people from our countries and then we as a society would still invent more.

Have you considered that cars kill, planes kill, pencils kill, playing card can kill, throwing knives can kill, electricity can kill, fire can kill and many more. As far as I know those things are irrelevant.

The issue is the heart.

Jeremiah 17:9
Proverbs 4:23

So many times we say we believe in God and do not give him the honor that he deserves. Speak to him with honoring words from the heart. If you don't have any then you need to pour over the word of God and let him fill up your heart with good words and right thoughts.Put more of him in and you will receive more right behaviors out.

Pray for me as I endeavor to do just this!

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