Friday, December 14, 2012

How To Make A Jewelry Frame With Cardboard

Reversible Jewelry Frame

I have been looking at jewelry frames on Pinterest and wanted to try to make one myself. I didn't have a beautiful frame to make one with easily so I made a cardboard one. I have been trying to keep myself away from the stores as much as possible because of our tight budget and a tendency to want to buy for people. I hope this helps others of us out there who are struggling to make our Christmas a cheery one.

Cut out the cardboard frame with a box cutter or something with a blade.
Mine had some bendy parts in it so I reinforced those spots with more
 pieces of cardboard.
Make a seam by folding in the side panels. Cut out the center but leave enough
to fold so that it makes a good seam. 
Add the thick tool for the center and secure with hot glue
I decided to make my frame reversible so that the recipient could choose
which side they liked better. 
The other side- I cut stripes of the silver material and folded it in and glued it together .
Then I glued and folded and glued and folded all the way around the netting.
I wanted to include a place for necklaces so I covered a plastic water
 bottle lid with material and glued it on. Then I had to cover a larger roundish piece
of cardboard and glue that to the lid so that the necklaces would stay on. 
This is the other sides hangers. I first made a roset with the pink fabric by just
cutting a long strip of pink from a old skirt and winding it into a circle. Then
I cut out two hearts that matched and glued them on top of the rosets. 

This took some time but it was fun being artistic! Let me know if you try it.

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