Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Refashioning with Vertical Gathers

I wanted to eliminate having to iron down the bottom of my jean skirt so I decided to try gathering the bottom of my skirt vertically and see what happened. I may have to redo it in some spots but here is what I did. 

1.  Fold the skirt in accordion fashion with the seem facing in. fold it as many time as you like I did 5 folds.

2.  Put your needle into the fabric beside the seem and go through all of the folds to the top.

3. Cross over to the other side of the seem and put your needle in again on the other side and go down through all of your fold once more. Then tie a knot and do it again until the knot is large enough to hold and cut off your thread after the knot.

4. For the gathers that are not on seems you need to fold all of your folds all the way across to the next seem like a folded paper fan then find the center between the two seemed areas and  put your needle in where you want your next gather. Go up through the folds and then down again a little bit over and knot and tie off the same way you did before. Do this all the way around your skirt always finding the center between two points and folding in all of your folds until you have the look you want.

I hope you have fun refashioning your old skirt like I did. Have you ever done something like this?

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Bible Verses About Children #3

My Zeb was so cute in this sweet picture. I hope you enjoy it as well. 

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