Friday, November 16, 2012

3 Crafts To Make With Old Puzzle Pieces

The other day  we went to the thrift store to hang out for a little while and I came away with a puzzle for all of the children. I thought just maybe we could get one finished. We did! We got one finished and then, the twins started to think that they should be able to play with those cute little funny pieces and have a good time. Besides, it was their puzzle anyway. Then they got a little carried away and we lost some pieces in the whole mix. the kids were a bit upset that their puzzles were a loss but I was happy that at least one puzzle got put together.

  1. I figured all along that we could come up with some very cool craft ideas. I had seen one idea before with puzzle pieces on a frame. I took it a little farther and made the frame itself out of puzzle pieces. Then I used card board from a noodle box and made the back of the frame leaving an opening at the top to insert the picture. We are saving the frame to give away for Christmas.

     2.  Then we took some bow clips and made some puzzle clips                 
           out of them by just adding the puzzle        
              pieces with hot glue until it looked right to me.

      3.  I had to make a seven for heaven sign. You could also make     
           initials for your family members or friends.         
       4. Last, I made the treasure box for one of my boys who likes 
           to keep small things, like missing teeth. I
           thought I would save this little box for a stocking gift. Did 
           you see how I made a puzzle piece fit into
           another puzzle piece to snap it closed. I really liked this 

Below are a few we still need to try.



Do you have any more ideas for me? If you have, please let me know in the comments.

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Meal Planning On a Budget

An Honest Review

{me counseling myself}
Meal Planning has always been daunting for me. I have done it and failed many times. When I saw this book,
How to Meal Plan, I thought what could she teach me. I didn't know if I could learn it but I sure wanted to try. How hard could it be? Yet I am on a tight budget and I don't know a lot of recipes for our budget. We just seam to eat the same things over and over again every night. Lately I have been so tired and I don't even want to cook. Many time I'm worn out and my husband cooks, which I like but I need to relieve him when I can. If I had a plan before time maybe it wouldn't seem so hard to me when it come down to time to have something on the table.

Maybe you have been there too. I thought you might have.

I read the book and have started making my own plan. I am very excited about how this will create more harmony in my home and help us to always have a meal ready and not have to wait a while. I hate it when I am trying to think of something last minute. Some how I just got out of that routine or planning and now I am confident that with the help that Crystal has given me I can be more productive and not feel so overwhelmed by everything.

Here is the board I made on Pinterest after reading this book. Lots of yummy recipes to choose from.

Crystal provided a copy of her book to me for review here on the blog but you can get yours too at the discounted price of $4.99 by using the code launch.

How To Meal Plan on face book

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