Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Make a Cloth Toilet Paper Storage Unit

I am always looking for a practical craft project. I have found one that will be a great addition to our home.  Never again will I be put into a situation where I have to run and get someone a roll of toilet paper. Never again will I hear, "MOM I NEED SOME TOILET PAPER!"  This alone is worth the effort but it was really fun and quick to make.


toilet paper
two empty cans of oat meal
hot glue
cloth a remnant or left over piece large enough
Plastic Oatmeal lid

Here are the picture directions:

                                          Step # 1- Pull off the top plastic rings of the oatmeal cans
                                                         take a knife or box cutter and cut out the
                                                         bottom of one can. Sorry no picture of this
                                                         first step. I will replace with a picture when
                                                         I make my next one.

Cut the end of one can off and glue the two cans together.

If you don't pull off the two little rings inside the top
of the cans it won't be seamless and the tp won't go down to the bottom.

Now cover the sides with your fabric glue one
 strip down the side and then wrap
around the fabric cut and glue again. Cut the top
 overlap to only have about a 1/8 on an
inch and fold under as you see in the picture
 above, and glue in place.

Cover the bottom with about an inch overlap
on the edge and glue into place.

Cut a round piece out by taking your lid
and cutting a inch larger around
the edge. Then take this piece upside down
 and start gluing the edges down
upside down and then turn it back over and
 glue that down to cover the bare spot.

Cut out the lid so that there is no sides
 to it then use the sides that you cut off
to make a hinge for your lid. Glue those
 pieces together with your hot glue.
Be careful not to glue yourself. 

Then make another round circle with your other lid with only
a small overage and glue that down all
 around then flip and glue to the
plastic lid you just made. Glue the hinge to your
 can in the middle of your fabric seam.

Take a piece of your lid again and cut it to make a little tab for
opening your lid without touching the
 material. this will help it fit better
and help your container to
 stay clean for a long time.

Have you ever made on of these? I have a lot of ideas for the next one. This one I have set on a small plate in case there is ever a toilet over flow because it is not waterproof. The one for the kids bathroom (I plan to make next) will be waterproof.

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