Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Tips On How To Make It Financially As a Stay At Home Mom

I was so encouraged this morning when an old friend stated on facebook that she was coming home to be a stay at home Mom for the Lord and her family. She asked for tips on how to save money. Today I would like to share what I have learned. In fact that is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.


1. Make your own Laundry Detergent -powder
                                                            liquid-my favorite and less expensive
    Making laundry detergent can sound like it would take a long time but it really doesn't when I make mine it takes about 5 minutes to put it together and then you just have to wait overnight for it to get and its done.

2. Hand Me Downs  save you money on clothes. Don't be afraid to mention to your friends maybe in an email or update that you are looking for a certain size of children's clothing. You would be surprised what people give to those they don't even know or throw out to the curb for the trash man. Also if you are not in need of a certain size anymore and they are in good condition find a friend that needs them.

3. Homemade Medicine-here are some post that talk about the different things you can do
                                                           Garlic oil
                                                           Nettle for Allergies 
                                                           Sourdough Recipes
If you can take care of it at home and its not an emergency that is major then you should to avoid the high cost of doctor bills and provide a healthier alternative in most cases to the medicine that is not made by God.
If you need help with a health problem you can always email me I am a certified herbalist and will try to find you some answers.

4. Thrift Stores or Resale Stores- when you haven't had it handed down to you and you are in need of a specific item then take off to the thrift store and the resale stores. This is the best alternative if you can find it because you can find high quality clothes, shoes, and household items at a discounted price. Be a smart shopper and look for the items that are like new,new or barely worn.

5.Upcycle-find upcycled crafts to make from pinterest and bloggers like me. If you use what you have to feed you creative gene you will save tons.
                                                         Upcycled Quiet Books for My Twins
                                                         Upcycled Weekend Craft
                                                         Upcycled Blue Jean Underpants
6. Eat out Rarely-don't eat out unless it is either a special occasion or you know you have it in your budget and your schedule is crammed with things to do. (we like to eat out on Sundays after morning church or after night church because our days are filled with bus route, Sunday School, getting ready to go to church in record time, choir practice, piano practice for me, and on and on.

7. Eat out Smart- don't pick the most expensive thing just because its there and it looks good. If you are picking for your children (and you should unless they are teens that you have given guidelines to) then pick something from the discount menu if you are going fast food and if you are at a better restaurant then you can order a large plate that you can split. Ask you waiter for suggestion on how to feed you children on a budget. That is what they are there for. If they have been working for a while they will have the answers for you. There is no reason that you have to order from the regular children's menu. Also ordering water for your drink of choice saves a ton of money. You can even order hot water and bring your own tea bags. I've always wanted to try this at a Chinese restaurant. My kids have even been known to make their own lemonade by adding free sugar packets and lemon wedges or lemon juice packets.

8. Homeschool- Depending on how you do it, you can really save a whole lot of money and be in charge of what is going into your children's minds. Many people are glad to hand down their used home school text books or to offer you a good deal. You can also find free materials online.
                                                     Free Homeschooling
You can sign up for free homeschool groups and learn from other mothers. There are so many activities to sign up for that cost money in the public school as well as the home school or private school make sure that is what you want for your children and you are not signing up just because it is the thing to do.

9. Go to the Library- getting you books from the library saves a ton of money. Just make sure that your books are returned on time.

10. Prayer- when  you are unsure on how to take care of a problem ore you see a need arising take it to the Lord who cared for your every need. When you don't know the solution to your child's health condition yet it is not life threatening ask God for direction and wisdom. Google natural health for fill in the blank problem. Also don't forget to ask the people around you that practice natural alternatives for help. God wants the best for you and He will help you to be the mother that He wants you to be!

How about you? Do you have some money saving tips to share? Please include yours in the comment section by clicking on the title to this blog, 10 Tips To Make It Financially As a Stay At Home Mom, above.

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