Monday, August 27, 2012

Rules and Central Government

Have you ever wanted to do your own thing among a group of people or even in a church setting or the like theme of this post as a child at home?

 I spent a lot of today explaining to my children the concept of why we have a certain person in charge.

Why we have rules.

What happens when the rules are broken besides punishment.

Here are a few things that I came up with:

Our judgement is not always the best judgment. I told them what if God gave one of you the task of decorating a mountain and you chose decorate it with cheese, yogurt and popcorn instead of trees and grass? My oldest told me that over time it would rot.

Then I gave other illustrations and assured them that even though I would be giving out instructions and guide their learning this year (as opposed to a more relaxed program) that there would be times of their own creativity mixed in. Times when they would work on their own and times when they could make their own art work and stories and discoveries.

How about you and your children? Have you had any similar experiences? What were some of your examples?

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