Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When you are NOT mentioned

In my Bible reading this morning I came across a very interesting verse. Today I want you to look at why it is a good thing whenever the mother is not listed as one of the parents. I believe it suggest unity in the home and  a respect that is hard to earn but well worth it!

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This is very interesting to note because the writer is suggesting that somehow the mother had an influence on the actions of her child. In the story of Jehoakim the young ruler thought that his father's ways were out dated and that he didn't want to rule the same way that his father did. 
Where did he get this rebellion? Often rebellion begins at home. Whenever we as wives and mothers begin to audibly complain about something that our husbands have done to irritate us or that they are not this or that, then we are opening our hearts and homes to a rebellious spirit.
 It works the same way whenever we complain to our parents about our husbands. We are taring down our husbands to them and then our parents start treating them with disrespect. Before we know it we have quit visiting the in-laws and everyone has bitter feelings and we didn't even realize with whom it started.
I've seen it over and over-Complaining builds disrespect!

Have you seen this before? Do you know what I am talking about? A good book to read on this subject is, Created to Be His Help Meet by Debbie Pearl. This is at the heart of a lot of marriage problems. If you are having problems, I invite you to search your heart. Too many marriages are being taken advantage of by Satan. Don't let him ruin yours. Take it back for His Glory! 

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