Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Bulletin Board with a Card Board Box

The other day I made a great little bulletin board with just a few items.

 What you will need:

Two pieces of thick cardboard from a large box or even a small one (not the kind from a cereal boxes but rather from packing boxes)

Some fabric that will cover your creation

Hot glue

Some kind of ribbon or string or cloth for a hanging string.


3Boys&aDog DEALS!

Do you Ever Want Something To Change?

Lately I have wanted some change to take place. I get frustrated with the same thing and want God to take me to a better place in my life where things make more since and there is more order.

 Do you ever get to that place a place of  re-evaluation?

Here are some things that we are working to change:

*Chores to be done in a quick manner not drug out for hours of the day.
*School to be done in more of a group fashion and in an orderly way. (we are looking for a new curriculum to use that will suit our needs)
*As always I am still looking to improve my health. Lately my Scoliosis has been my focus as well as my lack of energy I think they may be connected.
*We are putting together a program for the children to do on a certain night of the week that will be teaching them survival skills for boys and girls. Dad works with the boys and Mom works with he girls.
* Stress relief and more sleep for the parents:)
* A way to have a nearly free vacation and one that would be relaxing and fun at the same time. (Is that possible with 7 children?)

We are making some progress on our list but its just a little at a time and it takes time to foster change.

What have you done lately to faster a big change in your life?


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