Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Plastic, Easy Cleaning Aquarium

I just love my new fish tank! I saw this really cool No Clean Aquarium online and I wanted one really bad but couldn't afford one so I paid really close attention to the design and made a plastic recreation of one for myself.

To make your own plastic fish tank you will need:

1 pineapple container or deli container
Some colorful rocks or river rocks
A small freshwater fish or two
A small lid
Flexible straw
Packing tape

Cut a small roundish hole in the side of your container at the top edge of the container below the rim. Take your lid and lay it upside down on the floor of the aquarium right  in the center. Cover with the stones you have chosen and place your straw into the edge of your lid. If you need to trim the bottom of your straw to fit better. Feed the straw through the whole and secure around the straw with clear packing tape. Trim the straw on the out side and make sure it is facing down like a spout.  Now fill your tank with filter water until right under the straw at the top. Take your fish and plop them in. Yeah you have a self cleaning fish tank. Everytime you want to clean your tank just pur in about a cup or so of water and pull up another cup beside the straw that is hangin out the whole and watch the yucky stuff come out. I just made mine so it is much like an experiment.

Have you ever tried anything like this? Do you think mine will work in the long run?

Update on Fish tank:

To clean the sides of the tank just get a little tooth brush and scrub the sides and the straw. This will keep the algae down. Then pour about a quart of water in, little by little,  to remove the mess that comes up from stirring up the rocks on the bottom and the algae from the sides. I have three small guppies in the tank and they are happy enough to have birthed a baby while in this tank. I may have to move the baby if it turns out to be a larger guppy but for now it is fun to watch the baby grow.

Has anyone tried my idea?

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