Monday, July 9, 2012

How To Make A Paper Crown and Tiara in 5 Simple Steps

I like this project because it was simple and easy. It also provided a way for my oldest girl Zoi to practice her sewing skills.

#1. Grab a piece of colored paper and a marker and draw the front part of your tiara or crown on half of the paper.

#2. Draw the back part of the crown on the other half of the paper.

#3. Dray your jewels and designs. (some of our designs in the pictures were photo shopped at photo

#4. Cut out your design

#5. Sew up one side of the crown or you could also tape, glue or staple. Then measure the head of your royal citizen and sew the other side. We used a fancy stitch for fun. These didn't last long but if you really wanted to maybe you could use a better paper than we did.





Nora, the inspiration for this project. My little PRINCESS!
Have you ever made these at home?

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