Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Make Yogurt in a Cooler or a Crockpot

Since I have been making whey lately I have also been making my own yogurt at home again. It is really very easy and simple with the process that I use. I don't have to cook anything or wash what I dirty up. Those are two very wonderful things in my opinion. There are many other ways to accomplish the same thing but I like this method because you don't have to be super careful with temperatures and take extra time that I can use in other areas of my life.

The Yo Gourmet that my husband made me for Christmas years ago.
We may have to upgrade soon:) and make model number two.

Cooler Yogurt

What you will need:

Quart glass jar
Half and inch of plain yogurt on the bottom of the jar
Whole milk fresh or store bought
Hot tap water


Add your yogurt to the bottom of the jar. Then add your milk but leave about an inch of air space.  Stir your milk and yogurt together. Top with your lid. Place in the center of your cooler and cover with hot not boiling tap water from your sink. Cover your cooler with the lid. Or cover with a towel in my case we lost the lid when we moved:( Anyway, then wait for your yogurt to form for about 8 hours. I left mine over night and it when a little longer and did fine. Just smell test it and if it smells fine it is usually. After this you can refrigerate and add fruit or we added strawberry jelly and used the yogurt for a nice drink. The only thing that you will ever have to wash is your yogurt container and just rinse out your cooler between uses.

Yogurt can also be made in much the same way in a crock pot to hold in the water temperature just don't turn it on and use smaller jars. I would also add a towel around the pot and lid as well.

For more ways to use yogurt check out the links below.

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