Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Fit Your Trash Can For Plastic Grocery Bags

A while back I came across this great idea for making your plastic grocery bags fit into your trash cans perfectly. Its really very simple but very ingenious as well.

Here goes!


1. Take some plastic cup hooks and hot glue them upside down to the sides of your trash can.

2. Hook your plastic grocery bags under the cup hooks and you are done. Quick and easy!

We sahred this at:

The Things We Find Inside

How to make Apple Cider Vinegar at Home

I have been trying and trying to make vinegar and almost all of my attempts have failed. The only ones that worked good were the ones where I used some Apple Cider Vinigar to begin with. What I mean is that I added some ACV witht the mother in it, such as Braggs ACV and then I added either water or water with an herb in it.

Now I am trying to make a larger batch of it the old fashoined way. But just because I am just starting this adventure and I don't have a really large mother to take off of one bottle and put into another I am adding some ACV to the bottom of my gallon jar just for good measure.

Here is what I did.


About an inch of Braggs ACV at the bottom of a gallon glass jar (pickle jar)
All of the peelings and cores you can come up with from organic apples
Filtered water to the top
Cheese cloth on the top and a rubber band around that to keep the bugs out. (fruit flies really like this stuff)

Set aside in a warm location for a month and come check on it after that time to see if a mother has formed on top it will look kind of frothy and a little like a pan cake.

I will let you see how things turned out with my bath in about a month. I was suprized to see how inexpensive organic apples are. Now we will be buying more of these in the future.

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