Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Upcycled Blue Jean Underpants

My girls and I only wear skirts and dresses unless you consider what we wear under our skirts and dresses. I have the girls wear what I call underpants or you may say leggings or something of that nature. Whenever my oldest girl goes out biking we have come to the conclusion that a thicker material needs to be worn so that when she has those accidents and falls her skin doesn't rip as well as her clothes.

 So the first thing that I did was grab an old pair of her brother's jeans and some ruffle from an old dress. I cut off the bottom shin section and down and added the ruffle to make it cutsie for her. she really loved those underpants and wore them right away. Then the other day I came across a pair of girls jeans that someone had given us a while back and I had stored away. I decided that I would make these into another pair of under jeans for Zoi. It was fun. This time I cut scallops into the legs with scissors and then I took a cute stitch and stitched around the scallops on the edge to prevent raveling. These were a hit as well.

I would have taken pictures but I have misplaced my camera for now. There are products like this on etsy that you can look at for reference. Everything I do has to be easy and fast!

Have you ever tried anything like this?

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