Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Hectic Day in My Life

Today, I woke up tired and decided I needed to make some breakfast for the kids. My body did not want to cooperate on this project but I kept thinking about the beautiful warm cinnamon rolls (I used the recipe on my blog for Crescents I'll tell you how I didn it later). I finally got up and read my Bible and dressed. I picked up a few things around me because I knew that this day was most likely going to be a challenge.
You see, yesterday my husband got sick after working in the sun and we thought it was just over exhaustion in the sun. Then last night, Loty woke me up with a dirty shirt and he told me that he had thrown up. So I had to get up and take the sheet off of the bed and wipe it down with soap and water and then spray it with vinegar. I stuck the sheet and blanket and clothes in the washer and started it and then got him set up with a new sheet and pillow on the couch.
Zena was feeling bad last night and she woke up feeling bad this morning. Then the inevitable finally happened and she feels better now. Loty was feeling better this morning and doing just great but then he started feeling bad again a few minutes ago.  I cleaned that up and he rested for a bit and then he was off again to play. So far so good on the kids. So I did some more laundry and encouraged the kids to begin their chores. I found out that it would be better to pay them on Monday when they would normally start their chore charts or like today. (after the long weekend)
Then I was thinking about my dog and how she needs her garlic oil supplements for de-worming her. So I popped a couple of those pills and wiped them onto my hand for her to lick off. She did that and then I fed her some of her dog food because she has been not eating very much.
Later I went out and cut the old roses off the bush so that they could grow back pretty and watered both he dog and the vegetable pots. I now have two little yellow squash and a couple of tomato blooms.
I still need to do more laundry and start more dishes and prepare for lunch although it will be a little later since they woke up later.
............I'm back now I had to take care of an issue with Loty. At least he got to me pretty early and we got it before there was a mess every where. So he is taking him a little bath again. I'm glad that I thought to but a spray bottle of vinegar and water by each toilet for cleaning the toilet it really has come in handy today.
Loty and Nora in my brother's trailer at the parade
All in all, I am very thankful that this sickness isn't too severe. They have been sick but they are happy too for the most part. Please keep us in your prayers today. There are some pretty fussy moments that I need to stay cool and calm through. So far so good!

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