Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Recipe for Snow Dough

We have been making sensory boxes for the kids to get out each week and I just love that cool dough that you can get from the store and shape. It looks a lot like fine sand and comes in different colors. Well, we ran out and so I decided that we could make our own. Here is the recipe that we used.

Snow Dough

White flour- about 3 or 4 cups (or whatever amout that you want to make we jsut had a shoe box size)
Mineral oil- half a bottle (or baby oil we didn't use this my husband is allergic to perfumes)
Drops of various food coloring to create rainbow colors. (you could also use glitter but I was out)  

Mix it all up with a fork and add some toys to play with.

Have you tried this before?

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