Monday, May 14, 2012

Injury, Blood, and Nauseousness

This Sunday was un-like any other Mother's Day that I have ever experienced. I was taking one of the church vans back to my house while my husband was about to take off to deliver all the the bus children back to their homes and then I received an unexpected call. I answered the call to here that I was supposed to bring that van back to the church. I thought it was kind of odd but I did it anyway. When I got there I found out that my sweet little Zena (pronounced with a ny sound like the flower) had fallen on the church bus before they had left and she had busted the back of her head open. My husband reassured me that the bleeding had stopped and that I just needed to get her home and shower her so that we could see the wound better and know how to proceed. I was unprepared for what I saw really.

There was blood all over her and my sweet Mother was there helping to apply pressure to her head and calm her. She is THE BEST around these types of situations. I just love her for that. I stayed calm and took her to our family van and a sweet girl from the bus ministry asked her Mom if she could go with me to help. She was such a blessing. She sat with Zena all the way home and talked to her. Then when we arrived at our house I took Zena to the shower and got in with her and just aimed her head under the shower head while our little friend was helping me with the twins (because they had to be with Mommy too.) I put a little of my baking soda and water shampoo on her wound and then I put regular shampoo on the ends of her hair to get all of the smell out. (Blood always stinks to me. )

Then I got her some new clothes and put the old bloody clothes into the sink to soak. Then she sat at the space heater to warm up. Then I was checking to see who was at my door and found Granny and Papa. Then not too long after I got Zena's clothes on her, Daddy showed up with the church bus and we were ready to go to the emergency room. She definitely needed some tending to. I usually don't go the doctors for much of anything but I thought that the hole in her head was a little too big to heal without a little outside help.
So we were off and my Mom took us. Our dear Pastor and his Wife arrived to help us with the insurance info and just be there for us.  Zena was great she didn't throw a fit or cry. She wasn't in much pain only when they were touching her in the wound area and the numbing gel helped a lot with the four staples that they put in her. They were small staples. I asked what they looked like so that Zena wouldn't be too afraid (and me too) They showed them to us and we were both relieved.

I bent down so that I would be eye level with her and talked her though the procedure because I knew that I hadn't ate and that I was likely to get sick to my stomach if I saw what they were doing. Then when they were done with the last staple I glanced over and I saw the smallest smidget of blood smeared on a cloth and I knew I was in trouble. I hollered out the door to my Mom for some gum for my stomach but it was to no avail. I started blacking out and it wasn't going away. All of the sweet nurses were on the spot and carried me over to the gurney and I had to wait it out. They put a wet cloth on my head. I slowly recovered and was able to go.

I was planning on going out to eat with my Mom so I called my hubby and told him that I was going to take Mom and Dad and Zena to eat and be back later. Zena got to have some ice cream but I was still feeling very sick to my stomach so we headed back and I took a rest. I asked Zeke to make me some Chamomile tea. That seemed to burrow my strength and calm my stomach enough to make it back to church that night. Zena was none the worse for wear. I left her in the nursery just in case she needed to have any pain medicine but the nursery worker was thinking about sending her back to me she was so active.
I am so blessed to have my sweet Zena. God just as easily could have taken her home to heaven with him. Thank you Lord for the blessing of my blessed Mother's Day even though it was rough and tough to go through I still have my sweet heart children. I am Blessed!

the staples

Zena on her good side:)

Upcycled Weekend Craft

Ecc. 10:9
10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do , do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest

This weekend I purposed in my heart to make some upcycled un-paper-towels. Mine were pretty easy until it came to putting the snaps on. I didn't have a new fangled plastic snap system so I used my old fashoned sew on snaps several hours later I finished my project. What I used was some old towels that were not as big as I really like to use and some left over material from someone's quilting project that they gave me. Now I need to buy a paper towel holder for them to roll off of. When I do that I will show you how they look.

 A word to the wise: Buy the new fangled plastic snap system before attempting such a project. I am pleased with my un-paper towels I even saw my husband take one out and use it! Although I wished I would have had a great snap kit like this one.

What about you? Have you made your own un-paper towels?

This is the snap kit

This is the plastic canvas

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