Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Fun Day!

The last day of our stay-cation we actually went about an hour away to a place called Texas Jumping Bean! At the jumping bean you can jump and slide on those big moon walks and there are these fun squishy red blocks that you can throw or build with that are fun too. Everyone has to wear socks and they don't care if they don;t match.
We had such a great time just enjoying life and not having to think about all of our responsibilites at home and work. Mom and Dad even got to play and have fun too until they just got pooped and had to sit and watch the little ones. when I had slowed down a bit, I met a nice lady and her two friends and I found out that they were all homeschoolers that lived in that area. That lady was such a blessing when she told me that I was blessed to have 7 children. We met another lady who asked us to watch her little boy while she went to the bathroom because she had come alone. I was glad to do this he was only about 1 and a half.
 I had to try out my new camera that I got for my birthday so here are the pictures! I didn't get all of the kids pictures because I had to delete a bunch of the pictures. I am so old school that it took me a while to get the hang of things. I think I have it now and I will be able to put lots of pictures on here soon.
Zach was so glad we got to go to the Jumping Bean for his pre-birthday celebration!

We got a family pass that lets us come back for a month and that cost us less than it would cost us for one day!  We took a break and went to Jack in the Box.

The kids were having fun in the van Loty was meowing like a cat!

Here is another picture of the cat:)

Zoi with a block on her head.

It was rainy out side but we were nice and dry on the inside.

These are some of the moon walks.
They even had a cute bathroom.

I had a cute hubby:)

This is the obstacle course. It was tons of fun! Yes, I took my shoes off and dove in.

Loty making a funny face.

Daddy spending quality time with the Zkids.



Nora upside down.

Zoi and Zeke sliding down. 

Sorry for all the fuzzy pictures I will do better next time. Lord Willing:)

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